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  1. Thanks for this review! So Key luggage drop off on Harmony is in the Grande and not the theater?
  2. Where did you hear that South Beach is going to have a suite area? Everything I have previously heard is that the exclusive area over there (Coco Beach Club) will be an extra fee but NOT suite/pinnacle exclusive.
  3. Does anyone know the timing of the upgrades they are doing? As in when they are starting them and when they anticipate being complete?
  4. I was on Allure in May and virgin daiquiris were $7.00
  5. Someone on another cruise forum recommended this collapsible metal straw to me and it's been a game changer. It comes with a compact case and a little squeegee brush so you don't have a dirty straw just floating around at the bottom of your bag.
  6. The one ship I have consistently seen reports of Chopped being excluded on is Allure.
  7. For what it's worth, I was able to book a chill island cabana for $329 and I'm a gold member staying in an inside cabin on that cruise. I'm personally in the camp of ship size and sailing timing making up the vast majority of the pricing algorithm. For those looking for comparisons, that pricing is for a Thanksgiving (so...November) Grandeur sailing.
  8. The $8 virgin daiquiri I referenced was from the Solarium bar and this is the size:
  9. On Enchantment this past November it was about $8 for a virgin daiquiri and $2 for a bottle of water. I found it super easy to get my money's worth out of the refreshment package (got it on sale for $18 a day). As a disclaimer, I found it easy to get my money's worth because I don't drink alcohol anymore and so had a decent amount of mocktails so I didn't feel like I was missing out.
  10. Ah ok I wonder if it's not showing up since I bought the key far in advance of the 90 day check in. If I wasn't grandfathered into the $20/day price I'd try cancelling and rebooking to see if that made a difference. Def not worth the price increase just to (maybe) see it on my set sail pass!
  11. I printed mine out from the website and I don't have a key picture, but the closest I have is a gold dot next to my gold status. I just assumed that was related to my C&A level since it's the same color.
  12. For those that the key appears on the set sail pass, where does it show up?
  13. @Grenouille21 this continues to be a FANTASTIC review! I’ve been reading about how hard it is to get underwater pictures. I don’t have any camera recommendations because I only just got one myself for my May sailing, but which camera are you currently using for underwater shots?
  14. Oh yay, a Grandeur live blog! Def following along as I’ll be on her this Thanksgiving.
  15. This is such a great and detailed review! Thank you so much for taking so much time out for this.
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