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  1. When I was on Oasis dinner at the solarium was as free as the main dining room and it was empty.
  2. Watch this video skip to 11 minutes that is why the funnels are raised. same result if lowered. I’m just shocked and don’t think this possible. BTW 236.2 of qm2 measurement also includes her draft.
  3. I’m happy but I’ve already been on her she’s a great ship. It made the news when oasis went to pc. Anthem made the news. But why would they wait 10 years?
  4. Yes, there has been zero reports of the impact and planning for this ship prior to this announcement.
  5. You always here about the negotiations for oasis new homeport not here. They’ve done their research, but why would this kind of event be different. Oasis ain’t any old cruise ship requires lots of planning especially in new york.
  6. Yes, it is and It is directly connected to grand central.
  7. they both appear to be bigger and both were built with mega-ships in mind. Bayonne’s only a little bit smaller, but with royal caribbean’s new check in system it could work. The problem I have with RC saying the oasis is going to bayonne is not hearing of any agreements or changes considering oasis to be certified to go to bayonne.
  8. is it bigger than terminal 1 port canaveral or terminal 18 port everglades?
  9. I don’t see it on cnn the only thing I saw about a cruise ship is cocaine smuggling and top new cruise ships for 2019.
  10. How did cape liberty operate 5 years and before that with just tents. They had freedom class ships with just tents. I’m amussuming the current terminal can accommodate the load. What are the requirements for oasis anyway. Cape liberty was not designed for oasis, so what separates it and allows it to accommodate 1,000 more passengers.
  11. Would they consider moving the sailings to boston? where there is no restriction?
  12. Why would royal schedule the ship going under a bridge before proving the technology for the use? What would royal do if the tech was not approved for regular operation?
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