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  1. We use select dining so rarely have the same waiters. We are also very light drinkers, so don't frequent bars often. We do however enjoy the Elite Happy hour and tip about $5 per evening to waiters and appetizer servers and the same if we go to the elite breakfast. As Elite+, we have free coffees at Al Bachio, so tip $1-2 on each order. I also tip washroom attendants - I don't think this is one of the greatest jobs on a ship. I would never consider removing auto gratuities, but don't tip much more.
  2. We are elite+ on Celebrity with 25 cruises, all of which we have enjoyed. We are looking for a January to March Caribbean cruise next year, but Celebrity's prices are not competitive. We want 14 days or two 7 days B2B, and find Princess at least $1000 cheaper for the two of us. We usually prefer balcony, but even inside on X is expensive. The Elite+ benefits have value for us, but not $1000. We have cruised with Princess before and know what to expect from them, so will probably desert Celebrity unless a reasonable last minute cruise comes up.
  3. Round trip Southampton cruises seem to have more dinner jackets and evening dresses, probably because for some people this fits in with the British idea of cruising, and also because most British passengers do not have to fly to the port so have no luggage weight restrictions to worry about.
  4. Hi Corinne I have just read your Saga blog with interest although I doubt if we will ever cruise Saga - we prefer a more international experience. We have cruised with you at least once, on a Celebrity TA I think, and shared a tour in the Azores. We have booked our first Azamara cruise for early next year after many cruises on other lines, mainly Celebrity. I hope you enjoy the last few days of your Saga cruise. Sheila
  5. We were on Millennium in March, just after the refit. The ship was in excellent condition and we had a most enjoyable cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong. In 2017 we did a Transpacific from Vancouver to Tokyo also on Millennium. This included some ports in Japan and we stayed for almost two weeks post cruise, travelling to Kyoto, Nara, Hakone and Tokyo by train. We found it surprisingly easy to travel independently in Japan, signage on trains and buses is in several languages including English.
  6. No question for me. We have taken cruises to many interesting parts of the world, Asia, Europe, South America and Australia and enjoyed all of them, but the top of my list is a cruise in the Galapagos Islands on Celebrity Xpedition. Having to step around iguanas, snorkelling with sea lions and seeing blue footed boobies 'dance' was amazing. Doing all this from a small ship with impeccable service was great and meeting congenial people added to the experience. Our first Azamara Cruise is coming up, and we have high expectations for that.
  7. We did a safari in Tanzania a year ago with Kuoni Tours, which I think is a British Company. Our son made the arrangements for our family group of ten. The whole experience was beyond our expectations. We spent time in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater and saw more wildlife than we ever imagined. Our grandaughter compared it to the Lion King, when there were animals as far as the eye could see. We had a seven day safari followed by five days in Zanzibar. Next year we are planning a cruise in South Africa, but don't think we could top our safari, so plan to do other things there.
  8. We had a table for our family group of ten in MDR Select dining on one cruise. The only disadvantage was that the Maitre d' said that the table had to turn twice in the evening, so we could come early (before 6:30) or late (after 8:00) and needed to tell him the night before or early in the day. It worked quite well, because on port days we took late and sea days early, our grandchildren were teens so were flexible with eating times.
  9. Maybe I was wrong about the date, but we definitely stopped in Dutch Harbour. It was an interesting small town and the whole population seemed to have come out to greet us. School buses were used for shuttles, so they didn't start until the students had been delivered to their classes. Locals were anxious to show off their town, and we were taken on a walk to a whale sighting area. Unfortunately the whales were not as keen to show off as the residents were.
  10. I wash undies and delicate items in the sink and always take a clothes line to hang in the shower. I found one with suction cups at each end which has worked well for 10+ cruises. I try to select quick drying items when ever possible and only send heavier items that I am not worried about to the laundry. We are often away from home for a month or more since we try to maximize our air fare with pre and post cruise stays and we don't want to have an unmanageable amount to luggage when travelling by air, rail or other public transport.
  11. We were in Singapore overnight at the beginning of a cruise in March. Muster drill was just before sail away on the second evening.
  12. What is the definition of flip flops? I have a pair of rubber ones that I wear around our pool. To me they are flip flops. I have dressy leather sandals with heels or wedges that have no backs. Are they flip flops? I wouldn't consider wearing the rubber ones in the dining room, but the others I wear to church in the summer as well as to restaurants. I think they are perfectly appropriate for the MDR. Maybe the flip flop police would like to comment .....
  13. We cruised from Singapore to Hong Kong with stops in Vietnam including an overnight in Halong Bay in March this year. We booked at what we thought was a reasonable price just over a year in advance in the January sale. We booked ocean view, hoping we would upgrade to balcony after final payment, since we are in Canada where this is possible. The price never came down, in fact it rose considerably so that the reductions after final payment left the price higher than we had paid. We were very comfortable in our ocean view cabin and since we were off the ship so much we really didn't miss th
  14. We did the same cruise in 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed it. The seas were not at all rough, although of course every cruise is different. We stopped at Dutch Harbour in Alaska instead of Sitka, but otherwise the ports were the same. We had a Goodwill guide in Hakodate who gave us a very comprehensive tour of the city for the cost of his lunch and trolley fares. He was extremely knowledgable - a retired English and History teacher, and was full of energy. After we had followed him up a hill and the other couple who were with us gave up part way, he told us he was 87!!! After the
  15. We found the SkyTrain very easy. We had a suitcase and carryon each and we could roll the suitcases all the way. There were no steps or obstructions, just elevators and level entries. We were doubtful, because we are in our mid seventies, but our Vancouver friends assured us it was perfectly straight forward and they were right.
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