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  1. I am RCCL Diamond+ When I booked my first Celebrity cruise, I contacted the Captains Club after I booked. I was given a Captains Club number with Elite Status and 0 points. I am earning points twords the next level but because I started at 0 I will be Elite for a very long time
  2. Agree with previous poster. I don't see the APEX in FLL in November. I am booked on the Nov 7th cruise and am facing final payment Friday deadline this week. I was hoping that today's announcement would end my limbo situation but it did not. I am not interested in a lift and shift because I already have one cruise I need to book with Royal to use a FCC from July. I honestly don't see myself crusing twice next year for personal reasons.
  3. The Edge has not been sitting in port. Most of the time it is anchored off of Coco Cay. The ship is in port for part of a day once every three weeks or so. It was in Miami yesterday for fuel, mail, garbage offload, etc.
  4. Mine that came this weekend is wrong as well. I cancelled April 16 for a July 20 cruise under the initial cruise with confidence program. I sent a message via the website yesterday. I am thinking if no response my next action may be an FTC complaint.
  5. I am hoping someone can provide hotel ideas. Normally we stay on International (Gilchmer Realty) in Elizabeth near the mall but that does not seem to be a good location for accessing the PATH to the city. There are 2 of us sailing July 20 2020 on the Empress of the Seas out of Bayonne. We will be taking Amtrak from the DC area to Newark on Saturday the 18th. We will need a room with 2 beds for 2 nights. We are flexible concerning hotel chain - I prefer Marriott properties, BFF likes Hilton. I would like to stay below $250 per night but also know NY/NJ is pricey. I am thinking
  6. They did when we sailed the Summit Nov 2nd
  7. As of about 10 days ago Uber can pickup at the airport. We cruised Celebrity last week out of San Juan.
  8. We had one of the forward suites. It was different and unique. I would not do it again. I love sitting on my balcony relaxing and do wake view often. The forward facing suite was very windy when at sea and seemed to bake in the sun. We also had an access door for a public balcony area that seemed to slam way too often. I am booked on empress again for next year. The OS was more than I wanted to spend given we are docked almost the entire trip - otherwise it would have been one of the aft ones
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