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  1. A friend leaves on the Pride tomorrow. She’s within driving distance to the cruise. She asked and I told her I’d check on here. Just needed a yes or no.
  2. Hello, Are electric wine bottle openers aloud on board? Thank you!
  3. Ok, great, thank you both! I have brought my husband's blood pressure meds before in those containers and was fine. I just wanted to ensure nothing has changed!
  4. Hello, when bringing on prescription meds such as blood pressure, etc, are they required to be in their prescription bottles or can you put them in the daily Sun-Sat pill containers?
  5. Thank you. I'm sorry if I sound naive or plain stupid, lol. When you say cellluar, do you mean my personal cellular plan or does Carnival have a cellular plan? Not getting a straight answer from Sprint or Carnival. Thanks again.
  6. Hello, Sprint now offers free international text and data with no roaming charges. Will we still need to purchase a data plan from the ship in order for this to work? I've always put our phones in airplane mode and never attempted to use them or the ship WiFi before. Thank you for any help!
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