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  1. Yes, I would love to have this recipe too...my DH loves it! :)
  2. Has anyone that just got back from their cruise, been to the Wyndham? :confused: Just curious if they have re-opened the pool yet?
  3. :confused: Did they give you any indication as to how long the pool was going to be closed?
  4. Thanks for the extra pictures..they are great, and I can't wait! Only 17 more days for us! Woohoo! :D
  5. If you're talking about the water slide, yes...you can ride it while sailing! woohoo! :D
  6. More pictures, PLEASE! :p Do you have any of Nassau and St Maarten? We're leaving Oct. 13th and are going crazy waiting for our turn...So how were the banana daqs? Did you try one??
  7. Hi Everyone, thanks for all the information... Could someone please give me the direct phone number to the Wyndham? Many thanks!
  8. Hi JC, Thanks for the wonderful info on Wyndham. Did you ever get your review posted with pictures? We are going to Nassau in October, and would love to see any pics you may have. :)
  9. What a cute idea!! Glad to hear you had a great b-day cruise. Thanks for sharing! :)
  10. "Bone Voyage" I LOVE it!! :D We are going to miss our 2 older, grown children, of course...but we will be lost without having our fuzzy kids with us too! :( What a cute idea!
  11. Thanks, I haven't seen this one before...very cute! I like all the CC avatars incorporated in it. There was another one that says when the CC Meet and Greet time/place is. I'd like to have both...anyone know what I'm talking about? I wish I would have saved it... :(
  12. I know I've seen it on here somewhere, and the search is not helping, because I don't know what it's called... ...can someone please help me find the CC's print out they do to put on your door to let others know you're a CC and are planning a meet and greet? Many thanks! - Rhonda
  13. What a great price! ($17.72) :eek: I am so gonna get me one of these!!
  14. Hi Trarecar, The first cruise we took, I re-used the foo-foo "drink of the day "souvenir cup over and over and no one thought anything of it! The second cruise, I bought a thermal cup from Fat Tuesdays, (woohoo) and used it...kept my drinks chilled, was bigger than the foo-foo cup and didn't have to make as many trips back to the cabin to refill! ;) - Rhonda
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