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  1. Sailed in the YC on Meraviglia back in August. Found the food to be as good if not better than the Haven restaurant on NCL. Very satisfied with the food in the YC restaurant and in the special YC enclave on Ocean Cay.
  2. Tony, I marched 16 years with the Long Island Kingsmen. My son marched Blue Stars and Cavaliers.
  3. Tony, your profile pic wouldn't have something to do with SCV would it? If not, just ignore the comment as it relates to a niche activity.
  4. One thing I can tell you is the chocolate is not tempered. I bought one for my daughter and SIL on my 8/27 Mera cruise. I forgot it was in my "goodie" bag when I got back to Miami and placed that bag with my suitcase in my trunk. Six-and-a-half hours later, when I removed it from my trunk, it was just a blob of chocolate at the bottom of the plastic case it came in. My daughter and SIL said the chocolate was really good, but I was really disappointed that they never got to see it as the ship. My mistake, but still. I have brought chocolate gifts back from other vacations and never had anything completely melt in my trunk like that.
  5. Found a few more videos on my cameras for those that may be interested. Galleria Yacht Club Lounge Going to sea YC Lounge Entertainment
  6. A friend of mine was doing the 8/27 and 8/30 cruises as a B2B. He was required to have the original test no more than 72 hours before the 8/27 cruise like everyone else. They then told him that the B2B passengers would meet in the theater on "turn around day", and they would all be given an antigen test by MSC at no cost, walked off the ship, then back on as soon as Customs verified the ship was cleared.
  7. The meat in post 77 was a side of ham with my waffles. As opposed to most American restaurants, where the side of ham is usually one thick slice, they give you multiple, thin slices that are all lightly browned. Very tasty in my opinion.
  8. Lol! Just realized that the original posting was from the cruise before mine. My cruise was actually the three night cruise that departed 8/27. My apologies for the confusion, but I hope you all enjoy these misdirected videos and photos.
  9. A few more from the Yacht Club beach area at Ocean Cay.
  10. Some YC food. Lunch Burger, Veal Chop, Creme Catalana, Lobster Roll @ OC. Purple Rain @ OC.
  11. Yacht Club Sundeck IMG_1107.HEIC IMG_1109.HEIC IMG_1110.HEIC IMG_1111.HEIC IMG_1112.HEIC IMG_1114.HEIC IMG_1115.HEIC IMG_1117.HEIC IMG_1119.HEIC IMG_1123.HEIC IMG_1126.HEIC IMG_1127.HEIC
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