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  1. Just want to make sure that everyone knows of the latest "Disaster of the Day" from our positive Press. Killer hornets, deadly dust clouds, now a new type of Swine Flu. I expect Land Sharks cannot be far behind!! 😄
  2. And now here is another one to put off cruises: Swine Flu in Chinese Pigs
  3. No way. Not going to put any money down until they are fully up and running for a while. I was disappointed having to cancel our 10-day out of Rome in September on the Getaway (same cabin as last time - 16710), but at least we got our CN certs back. We have until September 2022 to use them, so we will see how this Covid goes.
  4. JMHO: Bahamas Paradise Fred Olsen Hurtigruten Marella I also see a possibility that the "big 3" may consolidate their multiple lines down to a smaller number to reduce overhead costs going forward and remove redundancies in routes, similar to what happened to the airline industry did after the Great Recession.
  5. Ships are going for bargain basement prices right now. This is from another lines chat area: The RCGS Resolute was sold at auction in Curacao for a slim $600,000 on Monday, according to a source familiar with the auction result. This is in sharp contrast to just a few years ago, where multiple operators were lining up to charter the former Hapag-Lloyd Cruises expedition ship, which offers a strong ice class hull and capacity for up to 184 guests. The book value of the ship was previously said to have been in the $25 million range for the former Hanseatic. A spokesperson representing the auctioneer confirmed to Cruise Industry News that the ship had indeed been sold, but did not elaborate on the sales price or the buyer. It is also possible the buyer was the existing owner of the vessel, using the auction as a tool to clear any debts on the ship. It was a colorful 2019-2020 season for the ship, having been first arrested in Buenos Aires following the demise of One Ocean Expeditions. On the ship's voyage back to Europe, it collided with a Venezuelan naval vessel. The latter ship sank and the Resolute sailed damaged to Curacao, where she has remained since. It is unclear whether Venezuelan authorities will let the ship leave Curacao.
  6. Pandemic Has Claimed Its First Cruise Line There will be more of this before any major lines start cruising again. There is going to be a substantial contraction in the entire business. The pre-COVID model is unsustainable financially.
  7. Pandemic Has Claimed Its First Cruise Line
  8. My biggest issue going forward is that none of my direct reports want to schedule their vacation time right now due to the travel restrictions, uneasiness with possible furloughs, etc. They each have at least 3 weeks, and one as much as six weeks, of vacation on the books that must be taken by Dec 31st or they lose it. It may be a very empty place come December.
  9. We had used 2 CNCs for our September 2020 Med cruise on the Getaway. We cancelled a couple of weeks before the final payment was due and the CNCs were b-ball in our MyNCL account within a few days.
  10. Again, that is your choice and you have a right to make that choice. BUT, others disagree with your choice and have the right to make their own choice as well. I am older and have one of the cdc-defined conditions that makes me a higher risk. But, I had no choice but to return to working onsite a month ago, or my wife and I would have to forget about ever retiring. Fortunately, my employer is taking this very seriously and has very stringent rules that everyone, even customers, must follow. Unfortunately, many of us have never had the financial ability to just stay home without losing everything. Glad you can make that choice.
  11. Without being logged into my NCL account, I just did a blanket search (all ships, all destinations) for August 2020 and the attached is all I received. Sorry, but there is no way I am giving the cruise lines any money at this point until I see them actually sailing on a consistent basis with multiple ships to multiple destinations. I refuse to be their "bailout bank".
  12. It is the same here in southeast GA. Virtually no one in the stores are wearing masks. Makes me nervous just going out to buy a loaf of bread. BUT, my employer has made it mandatory that no one can enter our facilities without a mask, temp check, etc. There are cleaning stations everywhere and common areas are sanitized 4-5 times per day. It is sad that I am made to feel much safer at my place of work than I do at the local Sam's Club or McDonald's.
  13. One of my best friends is a chief mechanic with American at a major maintenance base. He said the mechanics have never been as busy as they have been during this slowdown. They are constantly operating all engines, systems, rotating tires, performing minor repairs that were put off while they were flying 18 hours a day, etc. With airliners all costing $100M+ a piece, they cannot afford to let them fall into disrepair.
  14. - Why doesn’t NCL Haven match MSC Yacht or RCL Star services for the price of an inside? - I have 14,000 cruises on Every line that ever existed and my last NCL Cruise was the absolute worst ever! - How much should I bid to get an upgrade? How much did you bid? Do they ignore bids from Platinum? Do Platinum Bids get picked first?
  15. I will not cruise again until I receive a vaccine. I have too many of the conditions listed on the CDC site. My next “vacation” will probably be a road trip to family in SC. And that will be a while.
  16. Maybe NCL will have everyone wear those new social distancing hats from Burger King.
  17. Based on Disney’s announcement, I do not plan to spend additional money for half a vacation. They are canceling all parades, fireworks, shows, etc., in their theme parks, but charging more. Plus, having to wear a mask all day long in the heat and humidity of Orlando is not my idea of a good time. I will wait until everything gets back to “the old normal”.
  18. So sad. We met the nicest woman when we were there who was our server in the pool cabanas area. She told us that Harvest Caye was the greatest thing that ever happened to her village. She said the village was able to dramatically improve their school and the people that worked there were all living so much better.
  19. First day on the Getaway, we had asked for a supply of M&M’s and cashews in our cabin. The butler said no problem on the M&M’s. but they did not have any cashews. He said he would see what he could do. I figured there was no way that would happen. When we reached our first port, he went into town and got us a huge supply of whole cashews. Filled a salad bowl sized serving dish and brought them to our cabin. Definitely above and beyond.
  20. Most of my family lives there and I agree with your assessment. Just like the cruise lines, the NFL announced a full schedule of games for Met Life starting in September and started selling tickets. BUT, who truly believes that they are going to jam 80,000+ people in there for three to four hours each game any time this year?
  21. This! With over 30 million workers unemployed, which directly impacts more than 60 million people, I do not see the masses returning to cruises for quite some time. Many families will take years to recover from this virus-induced depression, and many near-retirees have lost too much to ever recover. Luxuries like cruises are gone for the middle class for a long time. Only the wealthy will be able to cruise again.
  22. Savannah Yacht. 😁 https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-47976/savannah.htm
  23. People Express was the first “no frills” discount airline that formed right after Congress de-regulated the airline industry. They were based out of Newark, NJ. They basically invented the model that Southwest actually made successful. They were the first to charge for baggage and they even charged for soda in the cabin. It went bust in 1986 and the assets were bought out by Continental Airlines.
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