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  1. Is this a recent change? During our stop at HC, we bought drinks and lunch from the server for our pool cabana, and I paid the entire bill with a debit card. I left the tip in cash.
  2. None of this is surprising to me. I have read several reviews from recent one-way cruises where everyone complained about lack of staff, staff not being properly trained, and terrible entertainment. This is most likely due to the high cost of transporting people to the origination port, or back from the destination port, depending on where their "home base" is. There was a Joy cruise that seemed to share these same issues. I also noted from Doug's posts about the Encore inaugural that all of the superstar talent from NCL was assigned to that ship. I had a colleague recently cruise on the Star in Europe and he stated that most of the staff seemed to not know what they were doing and it impacted his whole NCL experience. I think the lack of good help will only get worse as the lines add more ships across the industry.
  3. I hear RAN has some really nice ships cruising that area. Price might be a bit high though. 🤣
  4. On our first cruise back in 2001, my wife and I sailed on the Norwegian Sea. Seven day cruise out of NYC to Nassau and GSC. There was no such thing as a drink package back then. Our bar tab for the week was $750, plus I gave out a very large wad of singles as tips. If I look at the purchase price now, it would be $99 X 7 X 2 = $1,386. Using an online inflation calculator, the $750 we spent in 2001 comes out to $1,087.96 in 2019. So, don't buy the package. Just pay per drink and see where you come out!
  5. Personally, I would be more pissed off at the CBP than anyone. What is this crap that they cannot be open on a federal holiday? Are they closing all the international airports across the country?? All the border crossings from Canada and Mexico?? Of course not! Than why are they closing their services at the Port of NY? Are no cruises going into any other US Ports on Monday?? Someone in the federal government needs to answer some questions.
  6. Enjoy that warm weather! NYC will be a bit cooler when you get there.
  7. My issue is that they are saying that this will be the only choice. I take very good care of my phone and am able to buy it outright and make it last for 5-6 years. Being forced to subscribe to a monthly fee and paying for things I do not have any interest in, like Apple Arcade or Apple News+, is not a good thing to me.
  8. I think many of the "nickel and dime" people's heads are going to explode when they hear what Apple is thinking of doing with the i-phone. Per MarketRealist dot com last week, you will no longer be able to buy an i-phone, you could only get it as part of a bundled subscription service that includes Apple News+, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. To boost its slipping iPhone sales, Apple is mulling over a subscription model. In Apple’s Q4 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook hinted at the possibility of bundling hardware into a subscription service.
  9. We thought the Haven trip we took was a great bargain after staying at a moderate resort at WDW a couple of months ago! Holy cow, talk about charges. WDW does NOT nickel and dime you, they $100 and $1000 you for everything! 🤣
  10. Just a quick question: Have you ever sailed a Breakaway or Breakaway-plus class ship on NCL? If so, how much smaller does the Sky feel vs those ships? In your opinion, is the motion more pronounced on the Sky vs the BA/BA+ ships?
  11. I just had to giggle at the highlighted part. The kids in our community will already be through week 4 of school by the first full week of September. This year, their first day of school was August 5th!
  12. We received towels with our pool cabana as well. We had also brought the blue ones from the ship with us.
  13. Correct. The Haven sundeck is 16 years and older only.
  14. Can you imagine the pictures from the first sold-out Caribbean cruise? Enjoy the pool ya'll!! 🤣
  15. I can only answer a few. 1. There is plenty to do. Slides, ropes course, mini golf, basketball, kids pool area, climbing wall, kids clubs (age dependent), etc. 2. On sea days, they can get long. We stayed on the ship in one port and did not have to wait for anything. 5. The unlimited arcade package includes all games that are not a game of chance. It also doers not include the bowling lanes or skeeball. Included are the basketball machines, air hockey, riding games, shooting games, pool, darts, etc.
  16. I agree with the above posters. My DW and I recently took our granddaughter to WDW for the first time. We had not been there since 2002, so the pricing was a shock! When I look at what DCL charges, I just cannot justify that price after sailing NCL Haven, etc. There is plenty for the younger ones to do on NCL, RCCL, Carnival, etc. without having to take out a second mortgage.
  17. Quick question. The corkage fee that is mentioned in the original post. Is that just if you bring it to a dining room? Or does it apply to any bottles brought onboard?
  18. Here are pictures of the entire supplemental breakfast buffet on the Getaway Haven.
  19. I am a big time Packer fan living in southern GA. Our "local" teams are the Jaguars, Falcons AND Panthers, so I very rarely get the Packer games on my local CBS/FOX channels. So, for the last six years I had the DirecTV NFL package. This year I got rid of it because the price went over $450 for the season. The NFL is pricing themselves out of business.
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