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  1. Our pool cabana on Harvest Caye was definitely worth the money. The service was excellent, had a nice picnic table to eat lunch at, was steps from the outer bar and restrooms, etc. Definitely better than sitting with the masses!
  2. As long as they do not run out of booze, you should be good. 🤣
  3. Stainless steel straws. Work great. Straws
  4. Yes, it is not looking too nice for the Meraviglia right now.
  5. And now the cruises along the Gulf and the southeast coast will scream for refunds too. TC 16
  6. She has company too. Based on the seas report, I would not want to be on either ship right now.
  7. Here is a good idea of how prices can change graphically.
  8. That's not a pork rind on that stick, is it??? 🤣
  9. Not really that rare. My wife had hers is less than 2 weeks as well. I hate to admit it, but I think this is something that the government is actually getting better at. 🤣
  10. When we went to St. Thomas, we went to Al Cohen's Discount Liquor Mall. We like to make Voodoo Juice with the flavored Cruzan rums made in St. Croix. We bought the max allowed for half the price we pay here in GA.
  11. For your last question, all meals in the Haven restaurant are complimentary for all Haven guests.
  12. We dressed up for the Dress Up Or Not night because it was our 30th wedding anniversary and we were also invited to the Captain's Cocktail Reception.
  13. And there are large golf cart type vehicles (see left side of photo) to carry people who do not want to walk.
  14. My wife packed special glow sticks for the GLOW Party that we had lying around, and she packed an 80's outfit for the 80's party.
  15. Yes. Another little secret is that the Sunset Bar on the starboard side has danish and coffee out in the morning.
  16. On the BA class ships, the quiet areas that do not cost extra are usually on The Waterfront. Very nice plush chairs and loungers, very relaxed atmosphere with great views of the water.
  17. On the Getaway, we had Dress Up Or Not Night, Latin Fiesta Night, 70's Disco Power Party, Awesome 80's Party, and the GLOW Party. IMG_1527.MOV
  18. One entree per person and no restrictions on appetizers and desserts. Enjoy!
  19. I think the reason they do that is per the agreement they have with the government of Belize. Although NCL technically owns the island, it is still legally a part of Belize and virtually all of the employees working the island are citizens of Belize. We had a wonderful server taking care of us at our pool cabana during our stop there and she told us that the revenue the people in her small village earn working at Harvest Caye has greatly improved their village.
  20. Yes. See attached. The beach is free. There is also a wonderful pool which is free too. The only thing you really pay for is food & drink, which is the same as any other port.
  21. Escape seems to be the majority choice as best ship in the fleet. I assume you are talking about Nov. or Dec., 2020, so Escape will be doing seven-day western and eastern Caribbean cruises out of Port Canaveral at that time. There is plenty to do for both young and old on all of the BA and BA+ ships on NCL.
  22. Just saw a price alert for a seven-day western Caribbean out of Miami on the Escape sailing on 12/7/2019. $1699 pp in a H5, H6, H7 or H9 Haven. For the Haven, those prices are reallllly low! Particularly on the Escape!
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