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  1. 23 minutes ago, mertziek said:

    We, too, pay the Haven rate from the start because it’s important to us to have the cabin we want.  We don’t want to leave it to chance.  People always say book the least expensive cabin you can be satisfied with and don’t rely on getting your desired cabin from the bidding game.  Think that’s a good way to look at it.  If we get a chance to bid, that’s nice but we will be happy with our original selection if we don’t win a bid.

    We feel the same way.  We booked our next cruise in the same exact Haven cabin, on the same ship as our last cruise because we absolutely loved the location and the service.  We may bid on the DOS and OS for our cruise, but that would be it, as we do not want to risk our prime location for anything less.

  2. 2 hours ago, js said:



    While we do balconies on RCCL, we sail Haven on NCL and are Platinum.


    I currently have an H5 and an H4 booked for an Encore August 2020 sailing and in reading the pages and pages of CC, wondering if I'm the only idiot that actually books and pays full price for the Haven?

    We love the Haven so yes, I guess it's my decision to be an idiot 🙂

    or not but wondering if there are actually people, like me, that book the Haven when doing their initial booking.

    Misery loves company so just wondering LOL

    Thank you!

    Us too.  We lucked into an upgrade to Haven from a mini-suite on our last cruise when prices dropped dramatically overnight a couple of months out.  Now we cannot imagine not going Haven.  So we are paying the current "rack rate" for our Sept. 2020 eastern Med cruise.

  3. 4 hours ago, dmdiver said:

    I will second the nightlight.  A few years ago on a middle-of-the-night bathroom trip, I missed and ended up on the floor.  I thought I had broken my tailbone.  I don't turn on the bathroom light because it is too bright & jars me awake.  Also, since the switch is typically outside the door, the light would disturb my hubby's sleep.  So, I have a battery powered, motion detecting nightlight that I set on the bathroom counter.  It's about 3-4 inches square, so takes up very little space.

    My wife packed several battery-operated tea lights for the bathroom and bedroom areas.  Gave just enough light to keep us from bumping into things, but not enough to bother her light sleep.

  4. 8 hours ago, terrydtx said:

    You sure seem to be consumed by something that happened almost 3 months ago. Do you realize how many cruise ships have problems with Norovirus? This is a very common problem. The Pearl has bigger issues than a virus that was on the ship months ago. This must be your 5th or 6th post about the incident in April.

    According to the CDC, less than one percent of all norovirus cases occur on cruise ships.  You have a much better chance of catching it in a hospital than on a cruise ship.




  5. On ‎7‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 11:54 PM, fshagan said:


    I think the general price has gone up. We got a pretty good deal with the $699 price, but it is sailaway (can't pick your cabin, no perks). As others have noticed to get the perks you always seem to add an additional $200 or so to the cruise price, and the next level up where you get perks and can choose your cabin was $899.


    Doing the math makes the perks look like losers to me. Adding that $200 to the beverage package, along with the mandatory gratuities, puts that perk at about $340 per person for 7 days, almost $49 a day.  Breakeven is what, 6 or more drinks a day? I could never drink that much. There's the other value in the other perks, of course, so depending on what you can get, maybe the higher fare is worth it. But for us, a sailaway is the only way to cruise NCL now.

    Personally, I think the perks are a pretty good value for my DW and I.  On our first NCL cruise, way back in 2001, our bill at the end was over $750.  We did not buy any big souvenir items on the ship, that was mostly for drinks, etc.  Putting that in today's dollars, the drink package included in the cabin price looks like a pretty good deal to me.  JMHO.

  6. I was at McDonald's recently.  Right after I sat down with my cheeseburger, I bit my tongue and it really hurt.  I took my food back to the counter and they refused to offer me a full refund!  Can you imagine???  The corporate greed of those burger flippers!!!!






  7. 56 minutes ago, beckyboo1986 said:

    Thanks for your report.


    I'm looking to book my first NCL cruise for October this year (Vancouver to LA) and I'm a bit nervous as I'll be travelling solo. I've also only done two cruises before (both on RCC) so I'm not sure what to expect.


    What sort of things are included please? I have seen the 'free at sea' offer and I'd like to choose the drinks package and internet. I think I've read water isn't included in the drinks package, unless you pay extra how can access drinking water? Also how restrictive is the drinks package please as I love a cocktail or glass of wine with dinner.

    All the bars and restaurants will supply water.  Bring a nice water bottle and you can have it filled all over the ship.

    The drinks package is unlimited (2 at a time) each day.  It covers all drinks up to $15.  Any drinks that are more than that you just pay the difference (i.e., $22 drink - $15 = $7 fee).

    A sample menu from a few months back.

    IMG_1206 sm.jpg

    IMG_1207 sm.jpg






  8. 1 minute ago, LrgPizza said:


    Of course they can, and there are general forums for that. It's being discussed elsewhere, so I was just curious what it specifically has to do with NCL that it would also need discussed in a forum all about NCL? 

    Because a lot of people like me are naturally lazy and only come to the NCL forum.  😀

  9. 1 hour ago, pe4all said:

    What a terrible tragedy, and my thoughts go out to the family suffering this loss.  It is apparent from the video/pictures posted that you can see the glass is tinted blue and not clear as was stated in some of the reports I read. Placing a child on a railing is dangerous in any circumstance.  The family's lawyer stating the child wanted to bang on the glass as she does at her brother's hockey games seems to be a stretch to me.  However, we live in a society that loves to place blame on everyone else, and sue at the drop of the hat.  I only hope the family (especially the grandfather, who must be suffering from incredible guilt) finds peace in the future.

    In all our trips to themeparks over the years, it amazed me how many people still put their children up on their shoulders in a crowded park.  All it takes is one bump, or even just a parent's sweaty hands, for that child's head to become a watermelon hitting the sidewalk.  And there were a few cases of people suing Disney over the years for behavior like this.  Very sad situation.

  10. 16 hours ago, travelling_txgal said:

    Thanks for the responses. We are considering a balcony or a suite. We received a quote on a balcony in the BX category (not sure what that is yet).

    Another question, are there any hidden costs we should expect to incur? We know about gratuity, taxes, insurance, etc. I am meaning more along the lines of food and entertainment. Is it all inclusive or will we pay more for specialty restaurants and events?  

    As someone with recent experience on the Getaway for a Caribbean cruise, the one thing I can tell you is to watch the prices like a hawk.  We had booked a mini-suite with large balcony (M6) about a year out, and I had bid on several Haven level options when the offer came.  I checked prices everyday on NCL.com, as I noticed that the ship was not selling very quickly.  Just over (60) days out, the prices on the Haven Courtyard Penthouse Suites dropped over $500pp overnight.  I quickly called and re-booked a perfect location on deck 16 for less than I had bid for the room.  Since it was a direct booking, they added the rest of the perks, including additional OBC that reduced the cost even more.  The Haven experience was, in our opinion, absolutely wonderful and we will now only cruise that way in the future.  We even have the same exact cabin on the Getaway booked for our Med cruise next year!

  11. 12 hours ago, Carolina Girl 99 said:

    If you do book with the included air promo and fly in on day of departure- does NCL offer any guarantee of getting you to the ship on time? Also, does it include transfers from the airport to the ship?

    We live in SC (just north of Savannah, GA) and generally always drive to FL departure ports, but if I can fly for free or even $99/pp it saves me booking a pre-cruise hotel and paying for parking for a week, so it should almost be a wash

    I live in Savannah and AA now has nonstop flights to and from MIA.  I checked for September of this year and they show a 6:13 AM and a 5:03 PM flight down to MIA and a 2:53 PM and a 9:50 PM flight back.  When my DW and I went on the Getaway last September out of Miami, we did our own flights on Delta thru ATL, as AA was only offering the early AM down/late PM back flights at that time.  We also have status with DL, so we were able to book very reasonable Economy Comfort + seats at more reasonable times than the AA flights.

  12. On 7/5/2019 at 7:13 PM, mobilegb12 said:

    Although it is unfortunate, machinery does break down and it would appear that the compensation which NCL are offering is reasonable under the circumstances both for the current cruise and the subsequent cancelled one.

    My concern however is that it appears from comments from passengers on the terminated cruise that they have effectively been abandoned in Barcelona - from an earlier post this may not be the case for air booked through NCL - but I would have thought that NCL have a responsibility to convey passengers to the correct final destination. Why could they not have chartered aircraft to fly the pax on to Fiumicino in time to connect with existing flight arrangements? $300 flight comp sounds fine until you consider that many flights are booked on a non-refundable basis and the cost of purchasing a one-way fare at short notice would be prohibitive.

    Hopefully those concerned have adequate travel insurance to pick up the cost. 

    See Ticket Contract, paragraph 6, section (c).

    (c) Itinerary Deviation: The Guest agrees that the Carrier has the sole discretion and liberty to direct
    the movements of the vessel, including the rights to: proceed without pilots and tow, and assist other
    vessels in all situations; deviate from the purchased voyage or the normal course for any purpose,
    including, without limitation, in the interest of Guests or of the vessel, or to save life or property; put
    in at any unscheduled or unadvertised port; cancel any scheduled call at any port for any reason and at
    any time before, during or after sailing of the vessel; omit, advance or delay landing at any scheduled
    or advertised port; return to port of embarkation or to any port previously visited if the Carrier deems
    it prudent to do so; substitute another vessel or port(s) of call without prior notice and without
    incurring any liability to the Guest on account thereof for any loss, damage or delay whatsoever,
    whether consequential or otherwise.

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