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  1. 33 minutes ago, oteixeira said:

    Wait, really?  Anywhere in NC 24-48 hours....I am shocked you are still 7-10 days on yours.

    Yes, the HR department at my employer said that, over the last 3-4 weeks, the wait time has been creeping up from 2-3 days to 7-10 days.  The screening locations are overwhelmed with people wanting tests who have no symptoms, no possible exposures, etc.

  2. 16 hours ago, Von & John said:


    Queen - good morning.  A change to AK Non-Resident Travel, as of last night - goes into effect 08/11

    Starting Aug. 11, all nonresidents will have to be tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arriving to the state and be able to present a negative result at the airport.

    Neither testing @ the airport nor 14-day quarantine options will be available for non-residents.

    According to Zink, travel isn't driving the recent increase in Alaska resident cases. Dunleavy said the decision to change the travel policy is aimed at redirecting testing capacity toward Alaskans.

    Considering the test results are taking 7-10 days in most areas, this basically eliminates any chance of traveling to Alaska.

  3. I am an aerospace engineer and hallux is dead on.  Just like many other mechanical items, aircraft need to be used on a regular basis or systems will degrade, particularly if the aircraft is not stored properly.  Fortunately, most of the major US airlines were able to locate their aircraft at major maintenance bases and properly store them.  One of my best friends is a long-time mechanic with a large US airline and he said he and his crew were never busier than they were over the last few months.  Every day, they had a long list of aircraft that they had to run up the engines on, taxi, utilize all the cabin systems, etc. 

    Unfortunately, you can never simulate the actual operation of certain systems at altitude while the aircraft is on the ground.  That is why manufacturers will perform many test flights with each and every aircraft built, including one we call a "cold soak", to assure the systems all operate properly.  On cold soak flights, they go up to near maximum rated altitude for many hours and operate the aircraft at all different speeds, using flaps, slats, speed brakes, etc.  They will also normally have personnel in the cabin operating all of the galley equipment, air systems, also listening and looking for any unusual noises, gaps between panels, etc. in the cabin.  When someone is paying tens or hundreds of millions of dollars for an aircraft, they expect and deserve a perfect product.

  4. 15 hours ago, BirdTravels said:

    Nor are hair salons, nail shops, bars, restaurants, or liquor stores, but they all seem to stay open. Why take the unnecessary risk of getting your hair cut?

    When they keep asking us to lock ourselves away in our homes for weeks/months at a time, liquor stores are absolutely essential!  🍸🍸🍸

  5. 45 minutes ago, chipmaster said:


    Dave, not sure if you are saying it's a hoax and it'll just disappear so nothing to worry about like some other leaders?


    Well the US as a whole and many other states aren't doing so well.  Cases continue to blow up, the reason deaths haven't followed lock step is that the distribution in age for the new cases is different, many more younger / healthy.  But for the US a country of more obese, diabetic and unfit then many other given our love of buffets, supersizing and drive up... you can expect a trend up in deaths as cases continue to explode.  Then you got the issue that as much 40% of infected don't develop symptoms yet could still transmit the disease to older and higher risk people make testing also a huge gap here.


    Any questions?





    Not saying it will disappear at all.  Just showing the facts.  My poor 87 year old mother in NY called me in a panic because her local station was saying half the population of GA was dying.  Yes, the number of positive tests were increasing until a few days ago.  BUT, the number of deaths has been decreasing since mid-April.  The press really needs to stop scaring people.

  6. 17 hours ago, Nicky Mouse said:


    I agree regarding cruising this year, I don't see it coming back.


    As for the myths about the summer heat killing things, I never understand why people thought this was viable when the news kept reporting that equatorial countries such as Panama and Ecuador were being ravaged, and they basically have our summer weather all year round to a degree.


    Just saw a report on The Weather Channel this morning about why you should leave your mask in the car.  Scientists at the U of GA have found that temps of 130F will kill the virus in 30 minutes and temps of 150F kill it in five minutes.  So, if the cruise lines just close up all the doors and windows and crank all the ovens up full blast, we can finally cruise.  And it would be a great weight loss program too!  🤣

  7. So, not really sure of the rules or anything, but based on the fact that cruise ships are just giant floating hotels, is there anything in the legal world to prevent them from accepting guests for stays while sitting in port?  I would assume that they could get at least $75-$100/night for a nice balcony cabin, considering that Motel 6 runs close to that in most cities now.  At least they would have some income to offset the huge losses they are all currently experiencing.

  8. We loved our CY PH Suite on deck 16 of the Getaway, 16710.  It is literally located directly across the hall from the doorway that goes into both the pool area and the stairs to the sundeck, but we never heard any noise outside our door.  The convenience of having only a few steps to the restaurant and the lounge was great.  Once we took a walk across the regular pool deck and through the buffet, we realized how much it was worth having the isolation of the Haven area.

  9. IMHO, based on the numbers coming out of the "entertainment" businesses already operating, I think they are going to have a really hard time gouging people.  Places such as Universal Orlando, that reopened last month, have seen attendance numbers 40-60% below their already reduced capacity numbers.  If this type of customer interest holds true for cruise lines, they could see 4,000 passenger capacity ships struggling to attract 1,000 people.  If their prices keep going up in the current economy, they could see even less.

  10. It was almost 100 degrees here in Savannah yesterday, so I decided to get creative with my liquor cabinet.  This is what I came up with:


    Watermelon Refresher

    (2) shots Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka

    (1) shot DeKuyper Watermelon Pucker

    (.5) shot Triple-Sec

    (1) shot Watermelon Juice

    (3) Watermelon balls


    Fill a shaker two-thirds full with ice.  Add vodka, Pucker, Triple-Sec, and juice to shaker.  Shake until ice cold.  Pour into a tall glass and add watermelon balls.

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