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  1. 10 hours ago, Motegi said:

    Swim with the Pigs is one of the official NCL excursions offered on Great Stirrup Cay.  


    Pam and I did it last year and had a great time.


    We saw it was still being offered as an excursion when we were there last week.



    That's not a pork rind on that stick, is it???   🤣

  2. 15 hours ago, missSarahA81 said:

    I just got my first passport and I was shocked at how fast it came. They accepted my application on 9-17-19 and I had mine in hand by 9-27-19.  I did normal processing  and couldn’t believe it! My experience is probably are rare occurrence though but 7 weeks should be plenty of time, especially for a toddler. 

    Not really that rare.  My wife had hers is less than 2 weeks as well.  I hate to admit it, but I think this is something that the government is actually getting better at.  🤣

  3. 51 minutes ago, crystalaziza said:

    Good morning, My question for past Haven Penthouse Guests is, when NCL's written amenities for the Haven Penthouse says "Invitations to an exclusive breakfast and lunch", do you know if it is the breakfast served in Madernos, and lunch in Cagneys, or does it very from ship to ship. We were on the Getaway and had an invitation for lunch & breakfast that were in these 2 resteraunts and was wondering if those were the same offered to Haven guests? Also the special Haven restaurant for dinner, is there a charge or is it complimentary? Thanks all in advance.

    For your last question, all meals in the Haven restaurant are complimentary for all Haven guests.

  4. 1 hour ago, LuvsTheCaribbean said:


    Thanks for posting.  I was wondering too.  I'm like your wife - I want to be prepared with glow sticks and outfits.  What is the dress up or not night like - is that a formal dress up or not?  And latin night, did anyone dress in theme? 70/80's - I'm good.  And glow party - thanks for the video!

    We dressed up for the Dress Up Or Not night because it was our 30th wedding anniversary and we were also invited to the Captain's Cocktail Reception.


  5. 12 minutes ago, smplybcause said:


    Wow! The pier has a cover! That's a nice touch. I wish more weren't a long walk uncovered. 

    And there are large golf cart type vehicles (see left side of photo) to carry people who do not want to walk.


  6. 1 hour ago, Sauer-kraut said:

    I don't understand why this has been a hot topic lately.  It's nothing one really needs to pack for. 

    My wife packed special glow sticks for the GLOW Party that we had lying around, and she packed an 80's outfit for the 80's party.

  7. 16 minutes ago, minniem said:

    Hi Cruisers,  We are sailing NCL for the first time with friends having mostly sailed with Princess.  As part of the booking promotion we received a 3 meal dinning package.  I am having trouble on the NCL website finding information on how this works.  Do we order off the regular menu?  I noticed the Italian is a la carte.  Can we order more than one course or does the promotion only cover entrée?  Our friends have made the reservations already so I am really looking for information on the menu and what the additional cost might be. We have already paid the gratuities with our booking. He has booked the Italian, steakhouse and Japanese restaurant and we are on the Breakaway.  Any insight would be much appreciated.

    One entree per person and no restrictions on appetizers and desserts.  Enjoy!

  8. 9 minutes ago, roger001 said:

    Actually, a port stop at Harvest Caye should not be advertised as a stop in Belize.  Confuses folks.  

    I think the reason they do that is per the agreement they have with the government of Belize.  Although NCL technically owns the island, it is still legally a part of Belize and virtually all of the employees working the island are citizens of Belize.  We had a wonderful server taking care of us at our pool cabana during our stop there and she told us that the revenue the people in her small village earn working at Harvest Caye has greatly improved their village.

  9. Yes.  See attached.  The beach is free.  There is also a wonderful pool which is free too.  The only thing you really pay for is food & drink, which is the same as any other port.







  10. Escape seems to be the majority choice as best ship in the fleet.  I assume you are talking about Nov. or Dec., 2020, so Escape will be doing seven-day western and eastern Caribbean cruises out of Port Canaveral at that time.  There is plenty to do for both young and old on all of the BA and BA+ ships on NCL.

  11. 10 hours ago, cementhands said:

    We’re pretty loyal to RCL but do cruise on Ncl occasionally. Doing the Gem for 14 nights soon.

    We loved Ncl second city comedy but it’s now gone.

    The pub has hot wings and comfort food many hours. The entertainment is similar. Sometimes many fellow passengers are very happy with their so called free drink package and watching them is free entertainment.

    We’re elite on Celebrity and diamond on RCL.

    RCL activities and perks for loyalty are very nice. In the past the singers and comedy and shows were quite nice. MDR can be excellent as it was on Spirit a few years ago. Food was decent on the Dawn and Epic.

    White hot party at back of ship on Epic was fantastic.

    See if this works.  Glow Party on the Getaway at Spice H2O.


  12. 1 hour ago, salty dingo said:

    That's not a realistic option. When taking a cruise, passengers basically give away any legal rights to sue as they could normally do on land. The maritime law is different and the ship's flag (Bahamas, I think) dictates which courts handle the dispute.


    So lots of luck with the "legal action"!

    That is today's answer to everything when something does not go exactly as you want.  SUE!!!!!!!!

  13. 3 minutes ago, sanger727 said:


    I believe that they can kick you off in the next port. I would be very surprised to find out someone was successful in escaping all muster and make up drills. They may refuse to go to the initial must drill but my guess is they go to a make up drill.

    Actually, there is a new punishment for missing the make-up Muster.



  14. 1 minute ago, mfic246 said:

    got it thanks - we're out of New Orleans so on the river for a while, not sure how long they charge the tax for.

    That is actually a really good question.  I always wondered how the riverboat cruises would handle something like this.  Would the tax change as they entered each state?  Does it change county to county?  City to city?  I know our city adds a sales tax on top of the state sales tax.

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