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  1. Very cool they did that. Have a wonderful trip.
  2. It is realistic that they give me free cruises. What they do with everyone else does not matter. 🤣
  3. I do not really have a question, I just wanted to say that every bartender I met on our last cruise was outstanding. I was a bartender at a large convention hotel during college and I never could have handled what I saw the bartenders doing on the Getaway. In particular, the Haven bartenders we had were incredible.
  4. If anyone ever invents a comfortable lounger that collapses to a small bag size, they would make a fortune selling them to cruisers. Have them embroidered with "PROPERTY OF JOHN SMITH" so everyone knows they are private loungers and not ship loungers.
  5. Yes, totally free cruises for the rest of my life. 😀
  7. Agreed, Now I can stand outside in fresh air while my wife stands inside and pollutes herself. 🤣
  8. I love that lobster bisque! I could make a meal out of 2-3 bowls of that alone!
  9. Yes, I agree that that menu is not impressive at all. I would be really disappointed if that was all that was available in an Italian restaurant.
  10. Another reason for the "long" cruise time is that they sail straight out from Miami to get into international waters ASAP so they can open the casino. They then stay in international waters to keep it open legally.
  11. Also, the Breakaway is scheduled in an hour earlier than the Insignia, so they probably will get priority to the dock.
  12. If they offered overnight/multiple night stays for non-cruise guests, I would definitely be interested. Most of the islands in the Caribbean have become so overtouristed (is that a word??) that it is hard to "get away from it all" any more. Once the dock is built, they could even offer floatplane service to the island from Nassau or Freeport for non-cruise guests. For now, maybe they could offer a smaller tender-type boat or ferry-boat service.
  13. Disney is really kicking it up a notch when it comes to the use of technology in their parks. But it did kind of freak me out on our trip last month at Port Orleans FQ when I noticed that the My Disney Experience app was tracking me on the resort map via my Magic Band. Almost too Big Brother to me. 🤣
  14. One more quick note. The shore excursion credit is only applied if you book the excursion through NCL and it hits your account AFTER you complete the excursion.
  15. All I had to do in the Haven bar was tell the bartender how I was feeling and he would concoct a drink that perfectly matched my mood. Absolutely amazing.
  16. As of now, the schedule only shows a single BA+ ships in port at GSC in Jan. 2021 on any one day.
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