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  1. It's funny you say that, because I used to think that CDs didn't make a difference until I cruised with Simon London. We thought he was great, and definitely made our cruise much more enjoyable.
  2. We got to the port around 12:30. The line was long and we were a little annoyed, but it never stopped moving and it was one of the fastest embarkations we've ever had. We were in room 7407. I don't remember the smell anywhere else on deck 7, but there were definitely a few other places around the ship that it was noticeable from time to time. It was never a constant smell in one specific place, and we concluded that there were just some major issues with the ventilation system because during our muster drill (which was in the Southern Lights dining room) we could smell cigarette sm
  3. Yes, the Seafood Shack is on the lido deck by the aft pool. Nobody in our group ate there though, so I couldn't say whether it's any good or not (not a big seafood person myself).
  4. You can make purchases onboard using your boarding pass before you get to your cabin for your key card. And the safe was a key pad. In our cabin the safe was located in a cabinet beneath the TV.
  5. The noises were odd - like I said, I'd never experienced anything like that on previous cruises, so I didn't know if it was something with the entire ship or just our room. I did see a couple other people complaining about it in the Facebook group, but our friends on the ship said they didn't have the same problem in their room. The Home Away From Home was incredible. If you get back to Grand Turk and are looking for a beach day, I'd highly recommend it. There were a few people who were expecting a "resort" and were making rude comments when they saw that it was only a small house
  6. Just off the Magic, so I thought it would be a good time to write my first review! This was my fifth cruise and my girlfriend's third, and the first on the Magic for both of us. It was also our first time sailing out of Fort Lauderdale. Pre-Cruise/Embarkation We drove to Fort Lauderdale and used Park N Go as opposed to parking at the port, and we feel like we made a GREAT choice. I think it was a little more than half as expensive as parking at the port, and they have a shuttle that takes you to and from the parking lot. When we got to the lot, the attendants unloaded our bags
  7. We sailed with Simon on the Triumph about a year ago and he was EVERYWHERE. Very involved and high-energy. Great CD - one of the best we've sailed with.
  8. I've never understood the people who claim that Carnival should allow only one person to buy the package if their cabin mate "doesn't drink," like Carnival is just supposed to take somebody's word that they don't drink. Can you imagine all of the people claiming that they "don't drink" just so they could share the Cheers package? That would be a horrible exception for Carnival to make, imo.
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