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  1. Hey all, I just got back from my 1st Celebrity cruise (it was a 5 nighter on Infinity). Now it got me wanting to explore more cruises with different lines. What is NCL known for? For those who have cruised with Celebrity, how do they compare? I enjoyed the service & food very much on Celebrity. Casino was the least impressive part, and the ship was pretty much dead by midnight. Is it similar for NCL?
  2. How long is your cruise? We were on a 5-nighters and we only ate at MDR and it was not boring, and the food was really good. I personally am a little "old school;" I don't like to pay extra for food as cruise used to not have all these specialty dining options. Before the cruise I was concerned if our food options would be limited. I swear, you will not be hungry :) All the food was great on Infinity
  3. https://www.kwtransit.com/map There is a hyperlink for "real-time bus tracker" Look to the tiny "menu" on the side and pull down tab for Duval Loop You will see the route and the 2 buses (818 & 819) and the ETA at the specific stop by clicking on the dot
  4. Nice to have met you in person @shirleygr! Alaska is beautiful, I went in September but it was a land trip.
  5. There is a stop right by the Southernmost point at Whitehead /United.
  6. No slippers in my C1 room either. Just robes.
  7. Just got off Infinity (5 nights Western Caribbean) - I didn't attend any but here was the schedule Sea Day #1 - Stretch Class (free) at 7am; Yoga (not free) at 8am; Zumba (not free) at 10am; Pilates (not free) at 4:30pm; Core Sculpt Class (free) at 5:30pm Port Day: Cozumel - Stretch Class (free) at 7am; Pilates (not free) at 8am; Yoga (not free) at 4:30pm Sea Day #2 - Stretch Class (free) at 7am; Yoga (not free) at 8am; Zumba (not free) at 9am; Spinning (not free) at 10am; Pilates (not free) at 4:30pm; Total Resistance (free) at 5:30pm Port Day: Key West - Stretch Class (free) at 7am; Pilates (not free) at 8am; Yoga (not free) at 9am
  8. Just got back from 5 nights on Infinity yesterday (and at work... I am physically here but mentally and literally I am floating still). First of all, I want to thank you all for helping with my cruise planning - learnt alot from here, so glad I found this site. I finished my review but figured to post a few things on the general board. Overall: It was a great cruise as my parents' (in their 70s) 1st cruise. It's a small ship so very manageable for them to get around and not feel lost. Staff was super friendly. Room attendant greeted us by name when we first got to the room! Food was excellent in MDR. I prebooked 6:30pm - 6:45pm time slot daily but half the time we went to early show and showed up unannounced at 8:30pm for dinner. Never too much of a wait. Oceanview Grille was good too, but breakfast is the same daily so it can get boring/repetitive if it's any longer than 5 days. By Day 2.5/3, the omelet station lady knew my name - I don't know how they do it with so many sets of guests coming & going. Highly recommend upgrading to Premium Drink Package if you got the Classic for free as a perk. It’s nice to order whatever my heart desired and don’t worry about paying for the difference, whatever it was. Don’t forget the little bar called Infusion at the gelato spot – only a few hours a night but they have craft cocktails Not a late night cruise - by midnight everywhere was pretty empty, even casino. Bingo was expensive - $39, $49 & $59 option only Getting on & off ship was very quick and easy. It was nice to have gone through immigration interview the day before disembarkation in Key West - part of a perk due to itinerary. Day of we did self-assist and off ship by 7:45am, on taxi and at airport gate in less than an hour. Taxi ride was $14.10. Other random tidbits: If you are doing 1-way car rental, or may consider it, keep checking on pricing at the end. My 1-way rental from NC went from almost $100 to $10 the week of. Apparently they were really short on cars. Concierge Class embarkation lunch cut off at 1pm. I was NOT happy about that since I read it's til 1:30pm. Traffic got us a little and we were at counter checking in at 12:45pm, which would have been enough time to be at MDR by 1:30pm - but not 1pm. We missed that :/ Key West has a free shuttle called Duval Loop. It's part of their transit system. They even have real time schedule on website you can check on your phone. And it has AC :) Punta Morena in Cozumel was the lunch spot picked by our private taxi hire. I would recommend AGAINST it. Ask for another place as I found it overpriced and underwhelm I do recommend hiring Tours Plaza for a private taxi if you want the flexibility of doing whatever you want. It was a great little vacation. Infinity may be an older and smaller ship but it was well kept and cozy. Staffs made it great. And it was nice to not be overwhelmed by to-dos. If chilling isn't your thing, then this may not be your ship. Otherwise for the price I got for a 5-night Concierge C1 room for 3 people, I would do it again in a heartbeat!
  9. Infinity, 5 nights, November 10, 2018 CABIN #: 6143 DECK #: 6 CLASS: Concierge C1 AREA: Aft - almost to the end of ship BED NEAR: Bathroom QUIET?: Yes BALCONY VIEW: Very nice, unobstructed - nothing below. BALCONY SIZE: Big & fully covered (part of it by canvas). Only 2 chairs and no foot stools available. It was nice to hang out there in the morning (or after shower) WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: I shared the room with my parents. Sofa turned into bed the entire time, so we used the balcony as "sitting area" at times. Attendant was great. No issue with balcony door, or water pressure/temp. Bathroom is tiny but that's every room. Definitely will choose this room again
  10. Thanks all! I decided to book a ride with Tours Plaza after finding out about them. I think it will be nice to see the island a little. I even got some pesos for eating and shopping since I see that the rate they exchange for USD is very unfavorable haha.
  11. I took the advise and made RSVP for all 5 nights dining at 6:30/6:45 time slot (seems to be the hard one to get once on ship). I am guessing on a case to case/day to day basis, we can swap for a later seating if needed (ex. port day or we just not hungry that early)?
  12. We are leaving this Saturday on what will be my parents' 1st cruise. They are in the 70s, not really active and not into beach/party time. Any suggestion what I can take them to do near the dock/pier to kill a few hours without signing up for a tour (per schedule we dock from 7am to 6pm)? My plan is to eat/drink on the ship for the day to save some money. Thanks for any suggestion.
  13. Take your debit card - call your bank and see if they have a "sister bank" wherever you go. For example, I bank at Bank of America and Deutsche Bank is a "sister bank" so I used Deutsche Bank ATM with less fee. I always get a few Euros before I leave (in case I need to use cash immediately for train/bus when I arrive at airport). I can pick up Euros at the main branch in my city at no cost - see if you have that option. Exchange rate works most favorable using ATM if you need cash, otherwise just stick with credit cards with no foreign transaction fee. FYI - my Bank of America credit card now has PIN option, which is perfect for Europe travel if you need to buy things using credit card at a kiosk (ex. train ticket, where you do not have human to process the purchase). Europe is chip & PIN credit card.
  14. 1st Celebrity cruise coming up on Nov 10 - 5 nights on the Infinity. 2 questions: 1) Can someone tell me on Embarkation day, how busy is the MDR for "open seating" dinner? When is a good time to go and not miss the theater show on the 1st night? (We are not early diners, so I'm currently hoping for 7:15pm time - not sure if that is too late for showtime) 2) How does future booking work while on the ship? Heard they offer good deal, but I'm be searching up and down and can't really find a date/itinerary that fit my budget and schedule yet. Thanks in advance for your input!
  15. FYI - depending on your sail date, keep an eye out for 20% off deals. I have a 5-nights cruise coming up and it was $66.08 to upgrade from Classic to Premium. I did the math, that is about 10 premium highest priced drinks. I am sure I can drink 10 upgraded drinks in 5 days (esp I don't plan on leaving the ship on one of the dock days for long)
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