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  1. Casinos aren't the only place to gamble. Our Knights of Columbus halls have slot machines and poker nights. Of course if you went in and asked them they would deny it. I'm sure if all casinos were smoke free they would be cheering.
  2. You must be my neighbor. Resorts world. Never stepped foot in the place. Actually never went to any NY casino because of the smoking laws.
  3. Some will but some won't. I have never gambled in my home state of NY no smoking means I won't spend my money there. As far as the bars here are concerned when they implemented no smoking many went to private clubs as to skirt the rules. You pay a small membership dues for the privilege of drinking and smoking in peace.
  4. I hope so just booked for 1/28/21
  5. Are any ships drydocking? The Pride of America was supposed to during May, can't tell if she did or not. The Gem and the Epic were going to in late fall.
  6. Was on the Escape in October. Smoking areas were spice H2O, Waves bar deck 17 and the casino. They did allow you to smoke in the cigar room.
  7. I think at this time most smokers have moved on from NCL. Having to stay in an enclosed box just doesn't give off a vacation vibe. By the time the Leonardo ships come out they won't need any smoking areas.
  8. Thank you so much I would have never thought of that I'll take a look tonight
  9. Yes and when I click it I get the 167 cruises showing 20% off. Thanks for your help. Don't know why I'm not seeing them.
  10. I just logged in and looked and I didn't see any cruises listed as double points. How am I missing it?
  11. Aren't all vices expensive. Whether it be smoking, drinking, gambling, overeating.
  12. Yep you got me! Guess you can call me an arrogant American. We earned our title.
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