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  1. Choose another line NCl is not very smoker friendly. Small cigar room and no cigar smoking in the casino.
  2. Leaving for Bermuda in 100 days. Went to the site to make some dinner reservations and could only see the first day. Anyone else having this issue.
  3. Both of mine also give you the option of purchasing the UBP. My last one we just went on had it too. Go to your NCL click on your summary, then scroll down. You will see your perks listed there. Mine is showing the Adult Beverage Package - Promo for two guests. Maybe if you have more than two in the cabin you would want to purchase it.
  4. I've stayed on deck 9 many times. There is a white tin roof under the balcony for deck 8 waterfront not sure if it goes all the way aft as I've stayed mid ship. Noise not a problem even directly over the starboard side bar and smoking is no longer allowed on deck 8.
  5. This is so true and sad. Went to my cabin one afternoon to find our cabin steward Julie crying because someone had just told her off and complained that there bathroom mirror was not cleaned to perfection. Now mind you there was norovirus on this cruise and everything was being wiped down with bleach. I don't understand some people.
  6. Other passengers - This is a hard one to explain.. there seemed to be TONS of people complaining about everything and anything! And for the life of me, I could not understand why. I guess some people just live to complain. OMG my husband and I took a 14 day in January and felt the same way . I really don't understand it either we had a great time. We had been on the breakaway many times prior to the escape from the same port so one would assume the same passenger demographics. I had seen a post that asked to design your ideal NCL ship and was going to answer that the ships were all great and could we get rid of the whiny passengers.
  7. OMG was just there 2 weeks ago. The place was a ghost town. We left and went on a little river boat casino were you could smoke.
  8. While listening to the radio this morning Elvis Duran who is the godfather of the Bliss gave a promo code for sailings in June, July and August. Its his name Elvis for an additional $100 in obc. I have not tried it so don't know if it works.
  9. As I lie here on the beach in Turks and Caicos cigarrette in hand. I can't help but think that some of you sound like the biggest spoiled brats. And seriously people if you worried about the quality of air you should never be on the deck of a cruise ship.
  10. I used to also but have cut way back on NCL. only one this year and none in 2018. We also lost many of our group to all inclusive resorts were they can smoke
  11. A smoker enjoys smoking so becoming a non smoker for a cruise is neither fun or relaxing. Last January on the Escape while the ship was fueling it was totally non smoking. Image if they didn't serve drinks while refueling people would riot. They are certainly putting the squeeze on smokers. As far as Disney we just gave our Vacation club points to the group home here.
  12. Never forget that when they get rid of us they will go after a different group(ie, the obese, save money at the buffet,the elderly, they aren't riding the go carts or playing laser tag) or whoever the feel like. so yippy all you want till its you.
  13. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/index.php On this website NCL has highlighted the smoking areas by a little flame. Thought this might help.
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