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  1. We did a similar cruise on the Freedom and had an outstanding time. Only difference is we hit St. Maarten instead of St. Thomas. San Juan is really a lot of fun with good restaurants to check out and historic sites. A big plus is you can take uber which is a lot cheaper than cabs. We did a food tour which was pretty cool. The food was not very adventurous but we had a good time. We did not hit a beach in San Juan, but will make that a must do if we ever get back. Highlight excursion was on St. Lucia - catamaran down to Sourfries to do the mud baths along with a few oth
  2. Only reason I could see is if they have only carry on bags and want to make sure there is still room left to stow their bag.
  3. Thanks! Will definitely be tipping on top as that's a pretty small gratuity.
  4. Is the 18% room service gratuity based on the delivery fee or determined based on a value of the food ordered?
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