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  1. I don’t know why I can’t seem to understand how to use my phone at sea but I’ve researched and read and just can’t grasp it! I guess to make it simple, if I contact Att to buy the travel plan and if I buy the ships daily WiFi, do I still need airplane mode and data off mode? Someone please dumb it down for me 😛thanks!!!!
  2. If someone comes across one in the next couple of weeks, I would like for it to be posted! Cruising next month and would love to get an idea of what to expect!
  3. Cruising for my first time next month. I’m guessing since we are scheduled to board 12:00-12:30, we should check our 2 large suitcases and not carryon? What time does Carnival (Glory) typically deliver luggage to your room? I’m preparing to not have my luggage for a while and packing a carryon backpack but still would like to know how long until I have all my belongings. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, I should have specified in my original question, I’m in a regular ocean view cabin.
  5. Does Carnival Glory provide bathrobes upon request?
  6. kbg12379

    Mr Sanchos

    I have some friends who love Nachi. I wouldn’t mind the quiet but we will have a group of teenagers with us as well and they will find calm boring and will want to be entertained!
  7. kbg12379

    Mr Sanchos

    I’m a first time cruiser going with a group of friends to Cozumel and Progreso in April. We were going to book an excursion through Carnival to Isla Pasion but when doing my research, I came across Mr Sanchos which has much better reviews. Since I’m unfamiliar with cruising, I’m nervous about doing a private excursion. First, how difficult is it to get to our destination and then will we have difficulty getting back to the ship? Also, how much can we expect to spend on a taxi and is it safe? Thanks for any information.
  8. Trying to decide on which Catamaran excursion to choose...“All Inclusive Passion Island” or “Deluxe Beach Sail and Snorkel” (this is the beach with the inflatable obstacle course). Anyone gone on either of these day trips? Any suggestions?
  9. This is also what I would like to do. Any tips or info?
  10. Sounds like how I would like to spend my day in Progreso instead of booking an excursion! How long was the walk to where you set up for the day? Was it difficult finding a ride back to the ship? Last question, I hear a lot about murky water and unimpressive beaches, what was your experience?
  11. This is exactly what I would like to do. How did you enjoy your day? Any tips or info is really appreciated!!
  12. Crazy question...how do you know you are getting on a ride that will drop you off 1 or 3 blocks from the beach? How do you know you aren’t just going to be taken miles and miles away (considering there’s a language barrier and unfamiliarity with the area)
  13. How about going for a massage at Marina’s and just hanging out on the beach in that area? Anyone did this, thoughts?
  14. Did you go on your trip? How did walking to the beach work out for you? -did a taxi bring you from the ship to end of dock? -how far (in minutes) was the walk to the beach? -was th walk safe? -how did you get back to the ship? Are there taxis at the end of the dock waiting to take you back? -do you recommend a beach day if you don’t want to go on an excursion? Any and all info is appreciated!! I’m trying to plan a beach/massage day instead of an excursion and I want to make sure it’s safe and fun.
  15. We are thinking about not booking an excursion in Progreso and just spend some time at the beach near Marina’s Massage (I think that’s the name). We want to relax on the beach, drink a little, have a massage then maybe spend some time at Mr Sol near the ship before having to get back on. My question is, how do we get to the beach area? I understand taxi’s are available at the ship, will they drop us off near the beach? Then how do we get a taxi back to the boat? I have this irrational fear of getting into a non-English speaking taxi and being brought all over the country when I just need to go a few miles down the dock!
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