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  1. Thanks to @richwmn @kazu @rafinmd @SeaSickSailor for todays info and photos. Read this thread every morning. It's my "family" news. Appreciate all who contribute and hope all medical issues get resolved quickly.
  2. Wonderful news indeed. Hope you both are able to relax and start to enjoy life in your new home together.
  3. @SeaSickSailor Just read yesterday's great report on Allen. Do hope he is able to return home today. Always better to recuperate at home.
  4. Glad his fever is down and hope the doctors are able to quickly determine what the cause is/was. So hard not to be able to be with him. Keeping you and him in thoughts.
  5. Here's to our Canadian friends. May you enjoy the day.
  6. Yes. I forget what the minimum purchase amount is, but you can ride down "for free" if you make a purchase at the top.
  7. Before the shut-down, someone reported on this forum that if you call HAL Shore Excursions within 3 days of sailing, OBC can be used for excursions. Wouldn't want to try it for an excursion I really wanted. Thinking about it for a cruise where we have quite a bit of OBC and no particular need/desire to explore a port.
  8. Great news and best wishes to you and DH
  9. Only you and your family can decide. There are hikes/activities to take either the day you arrive at Denali or after the tour - assuming you spend 2 nights in the area. In addition to the scheduled stops, the bus stops whenever wildlife is in view. There is no guarantee that the mountain top will be visible. If the Palmer/Girdwood areas have attractions that better fit your family, then do them. It's your vacation. Who knows, you may return and can visit Denali then.
  10. You should enjoy this. An introduction to the various native peoples - nice walk around the lake to visit their dwellings and learn their similarities and differences. I think all three generations will find it very worthwhile.
  11. HAL crew members not mentioned, but here's an article about those being repatriated and quarantined in Manila https://my.xfinity.com/articles/news-general/20200530/AS--Virus-Outbreak-Philippines-Quarantine-Gridlock-2c12
  12. When my TA prints the HAL confirmation, the CCL shareholder benefit OBC appears in the Guest Information section. Items for each passenger in that section are Name, Mariner #, Air, Cancellation Plan, Ship Occupancy, Home City, Onboard Credit (USD). My TA prints a new confirmation after each change. When DH requests the CCL shareholder benefit, we can see that it has been added to his column.
  13. With booked 2021 cruises in February (Caribbean, no flying) and July (Alaska), I don't think I'll be able to cruise until then.
  14. Yes, there are doors within connecting staterooms. The most outward section of the balcony dividers can be opened between any adjacent balconies - just ask your steward.
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