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  1. Not sure I would try even a sip. Double Ewww. Do appreciate @summer slope supplying the recipe. Now I know to avoid it if I ever see it on a menu.
  2. Yes. That's why HAL said negotiations are still ongoing for them. Those cruises currently can't be booked and are not on the Website, but they haven't been canceled - yet.
  3. I think Rich's Carnival Day refers to the fair-like events. Carnival season precedes Ash Wednesday which was February 17 this year. Rio and Venice canceled their 2021 Carnival festivities, but some partying still went on. Of course, it could refer to HAL's parent corporation. We can all celebrate that.
  4. As a longtime member of Girl Scouts of the USA, I thank you for including World Thinking Day. Both Lord (Robert 1857-1941) and Lady (Olave 1889-1977) Baden Powell were born on February 22. He founded the Boy Scouts and together they founded the Girl Guides in England. Juliette Gordon Low, while visiting them, decided to form a similar organization in the USA. This she did in 1912 but used the name Girl Scouts. The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts chose to honor the Baden Powells on their common birthday by thinking of fellow members around the globe. Many troops hel
  5. We were told NOT to laminate the cards we were given as they would turn black.
  6. Got here just in time to see her come in Thanks
  7. busy watching Nieuw Statendam arrive on Port Everglads and Fort Lauderdale Webcams.
  8. Wonder if Mabbitt had a RT cruise in mind when he wrote this? RT itineraries are certainly interesting paths.
  9. Did that over Thanksgiving weekend as we had nothing but a bit of interest to lose. Here in FL even the travel insurance fee is refundable if we cancel a cruise before the penalty date. We'll go in either 2021 or 2022. I'm thinking more likely in 2022.
  10. The oven method has a link to Bubble Pizza. I'll use that with hamburger, salsa and Mexican cheese blend tonight as well as keeping the Italian version for another night.
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