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  1. Have learned SO MUCH here on CC. What to expect, links to other helpful Websites, HAL policies (and changes), etc. All shared willingly. I thank everyone and try to pay it forward.
  2. You might want to take a look at the menu for the Canaletto at Canaletto Menu (rogerjett-photography.com) There is a special entree there each night. One may appeal to you more than others. That may make a difference. If it's a port day, will you schedule an excursion? If so, when does it return to the ship? And do you want to dine in the Main Dining Room (MDR) or specialty restaurants on Gala nights?
  3. We were in Skagway May 27, 2008 on the Sapphire Princess. We took the train/bus excursion and then had time to tour the town. So many photos from the excursion that it will take time to narrow them down. Here are some from the town and ship. An ad on the hillside Looking towards the pier The Artic Brotherhood Snow plow engine for clearing tracks The Statendam was also in Skagway that day Looking back as we left Between Skagway and Haines
  4. Just checked cruisemapper.com and several cruise ships are calling at Skagway this year. Not as many passengers as in a normal year, but probably on a par with other ports.
  5. Have not stayed in them but K11057 & K11058 have windows that overlook the jogging track and sliding pool dome. Pictures of 11058 on Nieuw Statendam (sister ship) are on halfacts.com. Someone once posted that 11058 is next to a sliding door and 11057 is next to a door that can slam.
  6. When are you sailing? For our November 20 cruise, we were told to wait until August 6 if we want to use the included meals. The reservations for specialty dining opened about a week ago.
  7. Like Grand Dutch Cafe, NY Deli & Pizza Large showers rather than tubs but most of all it's a BHB!
  8. If you haven't sailed yet, you should be able to cancel.
  9. Is that a ramp or stairs the passengers are using to get up from the walkway to the street level?
  10. Quite some time ago, a suggestion was made to have the bed(s) made-up with the pillows at what would normally be the foot to avoid banging a head on the overhead bunk.
  11. Nieuw Amsterdam approaching her dock Live Webcam | Elliott Bay Marina
  12. Don't know if this will impact Nieuw Amsterdam's itinerary or not. From today's USA Today: Masks are now required in city buildings in Sitka after a spike of 60 new COVID-19 cases in the past week. City officials said 18 of the 60 new cases were reported in people who were fully vaccinated.
  13. Bon Voyage to all the trailblazers. We'll be with you in spirit and many wish we could be with you in person. But that might exceed HAL's reduced capacity!
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