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  1. polly75

    Dart Boards

    We had an electronic dart board in college! And that's more than 7 years ago (but how much longer I will not say)... I'd be happy to see a dart board on the ship; love a good game of cricket. We'll see in a little over a week! :)
  2. polly75

    Show Me Your Doors!!!

    What percentage of rooms decorate their doors? My last cruise was years ago and I don't remember seeing any of this (but that was on Celebrity). I personally have no desire to decorate it but I have a feeling my kids may enjoy it.
  3. polly75


    We rented a taxi and are going around the island. But I would prefer to do a tequila tasting/whatever at the end b/c if we don't have time for it, it's not a big deal. Maybe there's somewhere near the port?
  4. polly75


    Is there a good place to stop for a tequila tasting? Not a tour, just kind of walk in and try some samples? Maybe in town? We'll be there on Carnival Victory 11/7 and we have our day planned but thought maybe we could try some tequila in town before we get back on ship. We have our kids with us so we're not looking to do a tour or anything time-consuming. TIA!
  5. polly75

    This new forum is not working for me

    I saw what OP saw. It was only in older posts (prior to this update) and it seemed to be posts where users changed their fonts and/or added images. I wonder if they'll be able to read that code in the future or not?
  6. Our local library loans out wifi hotspots. I have one reserved for our cruise. It likely won't work at sea, but it should work in port. Maybe your library has something similar?
  7. polly75

    Cruise ship links are dead

    Working for me now! That's how I got back here! :)
  8. Clicking these links (in my case, Carnival Victory) resulted in a dead link: Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2
  9. polly75

    5 in Victory balcony room, question

    We're already locked in. My kids are young; too young for their own room. Just wondering if anyone knows if we can stow these things ourselves or if we need to steward's assistance. Thanks! :)
  10. Hi! We're booked for a cruise this fall. We have 5 in a regular balcony room the Victory. There'll be a king bed, the pulldown, the sofabed and a trundle. I'm thinking to save space, we may have our son share the king bed with us, and we can ask the steward to not have trundle. Or can we easily stow it ourselves under the sofa? Also, if we want the sofabed set up as a sofa during the day, is that something we can do ourselves or does the steward need to do that? I don't want to pester an already busy staff member but we'd definitely enjoy our space more with a sofa during the day.
  11. polly75

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    I think what's available to you depends on your location. I see $100 and $500, both ecards and physical cards.
  12. polly75

    Can you use cash at casinos

    What about at the tables? I assume you can use cash there?
  13. polly75

    New tips for this experienced cruiser.

    I do this all the time when we go to the beach. You have to be dry first (hence why others mentioned getting pasty. :D I make all my travel lists (and grocery lists, Christmas lists...) in the "AnyList" app on my phone. I can check them off and use them over and over again. Saves paper (plus I would always misplace my paper lists!) I will also uncheck the entire list and use it again when we're packing to go home. Added bonus is it helps me not forget anything in a hotel room or cabin.
  14. polly75

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    I'm guessing so! In that case, I'll assume they work separately. Apparently, I can use the $ towards a purchase (I think now in conjunction with points), or I can cash it out and they'll send me a check. I guess I'll use it towards my GCs. I'm psyched b/c there's over $100 in there! :)
  15. polly75

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    Question: I have both "points" and "cash". Can I use them in conjunction with each other or does use of my points deplete the cash? Not sure if it's an either/or situation or both.