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    Missed boarding, possible to join at next port?

    Ok thanks for the info. It would be same country. I will check but sounds way too problematic just to spend the night onshore.
  2. bkennedytx1

    Missed boarding, possible to join at next port?

    I want to spend the night in port and rebound at the next port in Colombia which is very close. My girlfriend has family there so we were hoping to spend some time with them.
  3. bkennedytx1

    Handicapped Phonies

    pcakes22, if the ship will help, that's even better!
  4. bkennedytx1

    Handicapped Phonies

    If one is available, take it. No worries about public. opinion. There are services available that can deliver medical equipment (like a raised toilet seat) to the ship. You could google that and find something near your port.
  5. Thanks for the IBIS reminder. I have stayed there in Bogota, Medellin and London and always happy with them.
  6. bkennedytx1

    Handicapped Phonies

    I understand your dismay, but remember that not all disabilities are that visible. My late wife had MS and she obviously needed wheelchair help. Others may have issues that aren't as apparent. People who cheat are just bad people, and they will have to face up to it one day. Just secretly heap coals upon their heads as they take space intended for those who truly need it.
  7. bkennedytx1

    Dancing on the NCL Sun?

    I hope this is not too stupid of a question. I have been on two cruises on larger ships RCCL. Does the Sun normally have a space that has dancing? Just curious. Been trying to learn to dance for my son's wedding and thought it would give me motivation to continue learning if I could dance on the cruise :)
  8. bkennedytx1

    NCL policy on bringing wine

    Thanks for your answer, Keith!
  9. I have never been on NCL before. Can I bring wine onboard from outside? What is the corking fee, if any? I realize after my RC trip that they will nickel and dime you to death. We are going to South America, and I think I can get better wine offshore than on the ship. Thanks.
  10. bkennedytx1

    Any tour offerings from San Antonio Chile?

    Thanks Andee and Papa; I will check into both and post my findings. . . .
  11. I was there last August. We were in town to ski and not on a ship, but it's very easy to just get a taxi to the park and buy a ticket on the train. It was a beautiful trip.
  12. I see that San Antonio is now the port for Santiago, not Valparaiso. Are there any tour or tour/transfer options now out of San Antonio? I have not been able to find much so far. We are disembarking in San Antonio from the Norwegian Sun and looking for to spend a couple of days in Santiago or nearby before flying back on Christmas Eve.