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  1. Thanks for Starting this thread! Would love to know of favorite spots to hang on sea days.
  2. I appreciate the pics of the pub. Your blog really has me getting excited about my fast approaching cruise 😀 one more question (for now anyway) I read on another post that there were issues with the cheers package and some items were pulled on day 2. Did you experience this and now that it is Pepsi did you receive a new cheers list? Thanks in advance for your help
  3. @Heffy2 any pics of the thermal spa? Also is there a brew pub on board? Sailing in June and can’t wait!
  4. Thank you for posing your blog and great info!
  5. Thanks so much BirdTravels! The pics are perfect and give me a much better idea of what it looks like. I will search for current menu now.
  6. Greetings fellow cruisers: I am in need of some help. Can anyone tell me if you can order your own choice of Vodka drink in the Sky Ice bar? For example a vodka tonic? Thank you in advance for your help!
  7. Can you pick your own drink like a vodka tonic?
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