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  1. We just rebooked a cruise for the third time due to cancellation for 2022 on the Panaroma again of course! Can’t wait to sail on her at the end of June this year... fingers crossed
  2. Making a wish on that rainbow as well. Thanks BirdTravels
  3. It looks like a 1/4 of a table with two legs. I am going to try and post an image.
  4. Ugh it is so sad. My DM lost her bday cruise the other week. Here’s to hoping the summer finds us all well and off cruising
  5. Yeah we were hoping to get a bed extender for DB but were told by Carnival customer service that they do not have extenders on the Panorama. We will ask our room steward anyway just in case.
  6. Yeah my DM was saying it depends on where you place your head. ‘My a top of the bed sleeper so I’m good no matter what
  7. Thanks again Elaine, sounds like a good fit for me 😀my DB on the other hand will hang off the other twin.
  8. Got it thanks Elaine I still want to know the dimensions are they two standard twins or two twin extra longs aka twin XL.
  9. This was my choice as well. Maybe my DB and I can get our DM to change her tune. More than likely she will skip culinary and head over to guys burgers now that we know there is no drink service up there. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks while I am sure my DM would prefer main dining I think curing will fit the bill
  11. Yes thank you so much TomCruise48 much appreciated!
  12. Thanks crusingguy007 this info will come in handy!
  13. Thanks Saint Greg, if I ever get the pleasure of cruising on the same ship as you the first round of drinks are on me! cheers
  14. I was wondering if anyone has compiled a whole ship wine list for the Panorama. I have looked at many menus throughout the ship for my DM and some do not have wine list pictures. I myself am a Tito’s and tonic gal or a nice old fashioned if it is done right. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Greetings fellow cruisers! DM and I are ramping up for the 2021 cruise season. So excited for our ships to get underway after many cancellations. Can anyone please tell me if there is a sit down restaurant open on embarkation?
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