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  1. Yeah we have seen it set up multiple ways over the years. It was just tables with pop up tents with big containers with ice that had the treats displayed. I believe the truck may have been pushed back last time and you rested from a table under a pop up. Hopefully it will be there when you go next week and in November
  2. Not sure. I am talking about when you are at the port, the ship and sign in are on your left. The garage and bag check in is on your right. About 100 feet straight ahead towards the waters edge pre covid there was a makeshift food area with vendors. You could purchase OJ breakfast sandwiches/burritos coffee pastries and fresh fruit.
  3. I have been close to a b2b off by one day but that was canceled at the beginning of COVID. Sorry you had to cancel. I still hope to book a real b2b in the future. Happy Cruising
  4. Yeah we all love cruising for sure. For me I will continue trying to rebook on one line or another in hopes that we can set sail again. I totally agree with the VIFP offers. I keep hoping for a nice offer when I need to rebook but alas the offers are just not there. Thanks and happy cruising!
  5. I remove the cruises that cancel as I prefer to only have the ones I actually sail. The poster said I should be happy I got $600. I was letting them know I did not. The lift and shift sounds interesting thanks for sharing that info. I have never sailed Royal but have always had it in my list. Thanks again and as always Happy Cruising!
  6. Not sure what you are referring to, perhaps another post. I did not get $600 OBC. I would prefer the 125%. I did not have “just enough” and had to pay the difference. No the OBC did not make up the difference. As I clearly stated I understand why they did what they did it is still frustrating when you have a cabin in mind and have to switch multiple times and pay the new price. There is nothing any of us can do about it. We all get to choose who we sail and when and if what the specific cruise line is offering in return for canceling is worth it. Should my cruise cancel again, I may book further out in hopes of a price that will not cost me more. Happy Cruising
  7. Carnival has canceled our cruise yet again. The OBC we had previously did not transfer it went away. Carnival gave us a new OBC and our money back in the form of FCC. What is frustrating is we have been canceled multiple times and find a good rate in a cruise for a certain cabin type. That is all out the window and you have to pay the new inflated prices for your next cruise. If the OBC was rolled over for being loyal to Carnival it would cost them way too much so I completely understand. I hope this will be the last time we have to rebook. Happy cruising!
  8. I agree fly out of Oakland. If you are set on SFO you could also take the Bart but either way you need to be first group off and it will be tight. I would take a later flight and not feel stressed after such a great relaxing cruise.
  9. Still cannot book specialty restaurants. You can pick date and time but will not load to the cart. CCL will not book for you via phone. Oh well DM will continue to try from home.
  10. Good to hear JohnMI my DM called when she was trying to make some dining changes and she was told they are making changes just as an earlier cruiser on the thread thought. Happy cruising
  11. While I have been on hold for the fun shops, I kept clearing my cache and trying to log on. This time I finally was able to get it to work on my phone and quickly completed my transaction. It is definitely a crap shoot. Sending positive vibes your way. Happy cruising!
  12. 11:34am Still issues with website. On hold forever with CCL to get my business done. Best of luck all and happy cruising!
  13. We just rebooked a cruise for the third time due to cancellation for 2022 on the Panaroma again of course! Can’t wait to sail on her at the end of June this year... fingers crossed
  14. Making a wish on that rainbow as well. Thanks BirdTravels
  15. It looks like a 1/4 of a table with two legs. I am going to try and post an image.
  16. Ugh it is so sad. My DM lost her bday cruise the other week. Here’s to hoping the summer finds us all well and off cruising
  17. Yeah we were hoping to get a bed extender for DB but were told by Carnival customer service that they do not have extenders on the Panorama. We will ask our room steward anyway just in case.
  18. Yeah my DM was saying it depends on where you place your head. ‘My a top of the bed sleeper so I’m good no matter what
  19. Thanks again Elaine, sounds like a good fit for me 😀my DB on the other hand will hang off the other twin.
  20. Got it thanks Elaine I still want to know the dimensions are they two standard twins or two twin extra longs aka twin XL.
  21. This was my choice as well. Maybe my DB and I can get our DM to change her tune. More than likely she will skip culinary and head over to guys burgers now that we know there is no drink service up there. Thanks again!
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