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  1. Just throwing this out for thought...what about a balcony for one part and switch to OV for the other week?
  2. You cannot stack casino OBC’s. I got an email from Players Club. Kimona Mignott (Global Casino Services) May 7, 2020, 12:57:16 PM EDT Hi Linda, Thank you for your email! We truly appreciate you as part of the Carnival Players Club and the Carnival family. If you had a cruise booked under a casino offer and want to re-book, you’ll be able to take advantage of our future offers. Given the nature and number of guests affected by this, we will not be able to secure the offer on which you were originally sailing. Our casino promotions will be refreshed regularly t
  3. Rosarito has a beautiful beach. But, it is about an hour drive north. I don’t know if you could hire a guide to take you.
  4. My 2nd Cruise was on the Festival in the mid- late 80’s. Remember when you could do this?
  5. All me crazy, but I recently booked the 4 day out of Long Beach for June 29. It is suppose to be the 1st sailing, so I am hoping it happens. I can’t wait to get back on a ship! I got a great offer and worst case is I have to use a FCC for a later sailing. If I do cruise in June, that ship will be whistle clean top to bottom and in between!
  6. Mike45, they aren’t going to Catalina. Or were you just saying “any” submersible would be enjoyed by a 6 yr old? yes, Las Calletas is a little more expensive, but the original post did not ask for “cheap” excursions. Only ones her 6 yr old would enjoy. Also, Las Calletas was John Houston’s home and he filmed “Night of the Iguana” there.
  7. Puerto Valletta has a great island get away. Las Calletas. Either through the ship or through a private vendor. It is about a 45 minute catamaran ride to and from the island. The food is awesome and I believe open bar. Plenty of activities for a 6 yr old and mon/dad. Be sure to take bug spray. Not positive about during the day, but those tiny sand fleas sure start biting at night.
  8. Hi 1cruisingal. I don’t know if you snuck in under the wire and cruised or if you got canceled. But, Catalina has a few fun things, but mainly shopping and restaurants. I had a great time parasailing on one trip, did the inner island tour one time and saw the buffalo, and a friend said the zip line was pretty good. There is a beach shack at the green pier where you can rent a beach chair and umbrella pretty cheap. You should probably take beach shoes, it is pretty rocky getting into the water. a lot of people say they don’t like Ensenada, and it took me a couple of times before I e
  9. January 20, 2020 on the Inspiration. Gosh I love those little getaways. As a matter of fact, I just booked the same cruise for June 29, 2020. Hope I’ll be able to go.
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