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  1. lauraapp

    Phu My port

    Good to know.
  2. lauraapp

    Phu My port

    Do you remember what tour company that you used?
  3. lauraapp

    Phu My port

    How far of a walk is it to go outside gates? Is it safe? Is there a shuttle?
  4. Were you on a flight from Paris? We arrive at 11:10am.
  5. For those that boarded in Avignon and arrived in Marseille. Did Viking give any type of tour of Marseille on the way to Avignon. I am wishing we had spent a day in Marseille prior to cruise. Also how long was the transfer. Did you have to wait long?
  6. What has happened to this ship? Have not seen any itineraries?
  7. Has anyone experienced The Taste of Lyon or have any feedback about this tour?
  8. For those that sailed recently....were the tips added automatically or were you given the two envelopes for cash?
  9. Ours too is at 11:30. You will be fine. Airport is 5 minutes away.
  10. Did the fog lift for you around the Cape? Hoping for better weather for you.
  11. Has it been unlimited drinks during the Elite Happy Hour? If so are the bars crowded?
  12. How's the entertainment? Food and service?
  13. How is the weather on your sailing? Have the Seas been rough?
  14. That's too bad. I will be joining the cruise in San Antonio. I hope the rest of your cruise will be without any problems. Keep us updated as I have many friends on your cruise!
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