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  1. Has anyone experienced The Taste of Lyon or have any feedback about this tour?
  2. For those that sailed recently....were the tips added automatically or were you given the two envelopes for cash?
  3. Ours too is at 11:30. You will be fine. Airport is 5 minutes away.
  4. Did the fog lift for you around the Cape? Hoping for better weather for you.
  5. Has it been unlimited drinks during the Elite Happy Hour? If so are the bars crowded?
  6. How's the entertainment? Food and service?
  7. How is the weather on your sailing? Have the Seas been rough?
  8. That's too bad. I will be joining the cruise in San Antonio. I hope the rest of your cruise will be without any problems. Keep us updated as I have many friends on your cruise!
  9. Anyone recently off Eclipse? Wondering if the Sky Lounge was open or the 3 vouchers or both.
  10. Looking at a TA on the Allure. Is there a Diamond Lounge where you can get Cappuccino?
  11. Booking an obstructed trying to find out which ones are least obstructed...
  12. That's an awful itinerary...Paris and Brugge were better!
  13. Received my docs! Question do you need a plug adapter or do they have US 2 slot plug in hotels and on Cruise?
  14. Wow I thought this thread would be dead...glad to see all of you still checking in, this thread has been so helpful! I am leaving March 19 on a little different tour than most. Back to Ancient Capitals of China 18 day. We board the Yangtze in Wuhan (no Three Gorges) 4 nights ending our cruise in Shanghai. Don't hear much about that part of the Yangtze we are going to Yellow Mountain. We have 1 internal flight and 3 high speed train rides. I'm most concerned about weather...how cool it will be? Glad to hear buses aren't packed. This was a TZ special that I booked in August. Getting excited my visas are on the way!
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