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  1. 9 minutes ago, Dave33549 said:

    We were in room 6000 in August.  Room was comparatively small and the window is more than 5 feet from the bed board wall.  The room was  very quiet from hallway noise but can be loud from the outside noise before arriving at port.


    Was it bigger than other Oceanview rooms in the long halls.  Where was tv located?

    it looks wider than other rooms.  I know all the rooms on Majesty are small.

  2. 11 hours ago, cruise kitty said:


    Hi, I booked one for about 30% off last week.  I normally don't do ship excursions, but it was the White Pass train trip & actually cheaper than I could do on my own. 


    Where did you see the discount?  They usually send an email.

  3. 9 hours ago, Merion_Mom said:


    I had no problem just walking up and being seated, and I never observed more than 8 or 10 people in line at a time, and often fewer.


    Thanks for all your information.  I have been reluctant to book the Majesty but she sounds wonderful.  I was so glad to hear they set up a happy hour and not drinks on

    the card.  I guess no free cappuccinos though...

  4. Just booked out of NOLA.  What a great thread...I had doubts about the ship but now I think it sounds great.


    We have not done MY TIME dining before and I thought we might try it on this ship.

    is it easy to go at any time and get a table for 2 or do you have to make reservations?

  5. 3 hours ago, Host Bonjour said:


    Lake Como is in a class by itself. I'm not sure it's comparable to any other place, at least not any of the Italian lakes although Maggiore is said to be wonderful, but not as easy to get to say, as Lugano, or even Como. 


    The thing is, with any of these lakes or any place really, to avoid having the touristy experience, which is bound to happen in any alluring, beautiful, and popular area, one must seek a way, if possible, to differentiate one's own visit. For example, in Como, try to avoid staying in Bellagio and head for another part of the lake. It will require extra effort to get where you need to be but the experience will not be like what others have and certainly be devoid of crowds. That said, it can be harder to get to other lesser known spots, but it's almost always worth doing so.


    Garda is lovely, it's big, and there are options there too, just as there are with Como. It depends upon what type of experience you want, how much time you have, and the usual things like budget, mode of travel, and other preferences. Garda is definitely easiest to get to from where you'll be, but if it seems unlikely you'd be back to northern Italy for awhile or ever, then making extra effort to get to Como for the experience would be worth it. If Como has been a dream destination, then do it. Otherwise, with the right timing, planning, I think you'd really enjoy Garda. 


    We already know you'll love Verona 😉 


    Thnak you for your valuable information.  Lake como it is then!  I have allowed to 

    stay for 3 nights, originally only 2.   But like you said....I will most likely not be in

    that region again!

  6. On 7/20/2019 at 2:40 AM, Expat Cruise said:

    Have done a Phu My port stop on three different cruises over the last year. Walking was not allowed on any of the three. They had shuttle buses to take you from the ship to the gate. A few people tired to walk and security turned them around. 


    Good to know.

  7. On 7/15/2019 at 4:08 AM, G.M.T. said:

    The port gates are within easy walking distance (see photo). When we were there, there was a shuttle bus, small yellow buses with "SCHOOL BUS" on the front. It is safe.


    If you are doing a private tour, try to get a rickshaw/trishaw ris eorganised in Saigon - great fun.






    Do you remember what tour company that you used?

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