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  1. When does this take place? On her in August 2020.
  2. Anyone know if they will be having a sale on excursions?
  3. Was it bigger than other Oceanview rooms in the long halls. Where was tv located? it looks wider than other rooms. I know all the rooms on Majesty are small.
  4. Anyone have any experience with front facing ocean view rooms on deck 6 and 7
  5. Can you recommend tour company. Would like large bus from the port to visit Valldemossa and Soller. Approx 40 passengers.
  6. Where did you see the discount? They usually send an email.
  7. Does anyone know who will be CD on Edge in February?
  8. I noticed that too. I booked excursions last year at discounted rates so far I have seen nothing.
  9. Yes, all frozen drinks, wine beer under $9
  10. Thanks for all your information. I have been reluctant to book the Majesty but she sounds wonderful. I was so glad to hear they set up a happy hour and not drinks on the card. I guess no free cappuccinos though...
  11. Just booked out of NOLA. What a great thread...I had doubts about the ship but now I think it sounds great. We have not done MY TIME dining before and I thought we might try it on this ship. is it easy to go at any time and get a table for 2 or do you have to make reservations?
  12. Do they still have formal nights? Do men still wear suits?
  13. I used to have an email address where you could get the entertainment lineup for the ships sailing. Does anyone have that email address?
  14. Thnak you for your valuable information. Lake como it is then! I have allowed to stay for 3 nights, originally only 2. But like you said....I will most likely not be in that region again!
  15. Has anyone done Lake Como? Is Lake Garda comparable.
  16. Are you able to get a drink in the Magic Carpet Bar with classic drink pkg?
  17. lauraapp

    Phu My port

    Good to know.
  18. lauraapp

    Phu My port

    Do you remember what tour company that you used?
  19. lauraapp

    Phu My port

    How far of a walk is it to go outside gates? Is it safe? Is there a shuttle?
  20. Were you on a flight from Paris? We arrive at 11:10am.
  21. For those that boarded in Avignon and arrived in Marseille. Did Viking give any type of tour of Marseille on the way to Avignon. I am wishing we had spent a day in Marseille prior to cruise. Also how long was the transfer. Did you have to wait long?
  22. What has happened to this ship? Have not seen any itineraries?
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