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  1. spookwife

    Diamond Lounge question

    It’s not grab and go, but yes bottled water is an option during the cocktail hours.
  2. Grape Creek. You should be familiar with that winery. Less expensive than Caymus but some wonderful offerings. I agree that the swill they serve in the lounges barely barely qualifies as fermented grape juice. I stick to poinsettias myself and mr spook indulges in his Jack and Coke. I will say, however that many of the campers are not drinking anything more exciting than seltzer or lemon drops. But yes, they are there half an hour early and have late seating so they are there the whole time.
  3. we enjoyed the sushi class in Izumi.
  4. my two yen: we just made diamond at the end of our last cruise. next one isn't until next year and it (or so we plan) will be Alaska. here's the deal: I have been saying the DL is going to have to do something about overcrowding long before I made D. when they instituted the 3 drink coupons, I think many of us saw the writing on the wall with D's losing access to the Lounge altogether within 5 years. I tend to only drink alcohol in the evenings.. and I think I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I had more than 3 in the Suite Lounge. . to be frank, I am going to miss the hot and cold nibbles more than the free flowing booze if I ever get booted out of a Lounge. and the actual services of the Concierge . as for special seating..no dog in the fight since I pretty much never attend the shows.. but at the same time the most often comment heard is that the reserved seating kinda sucks. I do remember being on LIB once and checking out a featured performer base don advice form others. the seating was definitely not where I would have chosen to sit but it was far less crowded and there weren't entitled snots hoarding the best seats in the house 45 minutes before show time. same goes for the seating for the Ice skating shows.. they truly sucked as far as I was concerned. special seating for dining: well, that I kinda sorta agree with. there is little signage that we have seen regarding this( I do remember on past cruises a small section of the windjammer dining was blocked off for this. but rarely was there any signage stating so. ) we prefer breakfast in Chops or wherever for suites . but as far as lunch is concerned, we've never really had anyone telling us that we could bring our plates someplace else. then again I think I eat in the WJ maybe twice in a cruise. it would be a minor inconvenience to me , but certainly not worth a rant over. the crux seems to be the website and the paperwork says one thing.. but the reality is different./ we all know the website sucks and doesn't get updated, or only parts get updated . and the paperwork is probably mass printed out and rarely gets edited to reflect any current changes on board, especially since, let's face it, every Concierge runs things just slightly differently.
  5. but at the same time you have a decent sized contingent of disabled people screaming that they refuse to prove they are disabled and that is discriminatory. I wish we went to the European model where you basically have to be registered as being disabled, with lots of paperwork to back it up( of course I wish the same for all service animals too but that is another rant for another discussion topic) and ADA states no proof is required. so until that happens, abuse will happen. all the time. I use a WC for trips to theme parks and other large scale destinations. I usually only note that on my reservation, but do not specifically book a WC accessible room as quite frankly, I don't need the accommodations while in the room. sometimes I still get one.
  6. spookwife

    Wheelchair vs scooter questions

    she can get a cushion to sit in to alleviate chair butt. I have a nice 3 inch gel cushion. I have also seen 4 and 5 inches. both memory foam and gel. they also make full size cushions like you would find on your nice wooden patio furniture that offers back support as well. you can see about modifying the back wheels to be larger to handle softer terrain.
  7. spookwife

    Hemingway Home with a wheelchair - Key West

    Only if they are outside. I had a rough time and all I had was a cane. They tend to hang out in the gardens off the paved walkways. No elevator so if they can’t do stairs, on,y the first floor and garden/pool.
  8. spookwife

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    do you have any idea how many pool towels are left behind on every beach in every port every day? people can't be bothered with the inconvenience of schlepping back a sandy wet towel. not all locals are nice enough to collect them for the cruise ships.
  9. spookwife

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    actually, Royal has gone to banning ALL power strips no matter what.
  10. spookwife

    Help! No passport, no birth certificate!

    this. for my entire childhood and half my adult life I thought my name was Dawnmarie . when I had to get my passport when moving to Japan back in 2000, I found out differently. it's Dawn Marie ( still no middle name) Half of my documents are in the original 2 word spelling with the space, the other half have it listed as one word. about every third cruise they have to override something on the system because of the space. so now I just ask whoever wants my John Hancock how they prefer I sign .
  11. spookwife

    Accessible cabins

    then stop sailing Royal. of course you will most likely find that all cruise lines pay the same lip service. unfortunately, people claim disability without true need and the cruise lines can't actually require true medical and legal documentation. you can thank ADA for that. or fill out the form like they want you to so they DO have a paper trail.
  12. spookwife

    Accessible cabins

    soo..uhh.. don't go out on the balcony.... I also fall to understand why you cannot be outside or on a balcony in the first place. not like a simple fall is going to cause you to go overboard. if you need stability, then get a walker or rollator. kinda defeats the purpose of going on a cruise if you can't go outside for whatever reason.....
  13. then you got lucky. we have only sailed in suites and have never had access to the DL before. we are now diamond so going forward we will.
  14. spookwife

    Costa Maya questions

    Depends on your definition of strolling distance. The pier is long enough that they run a trolley to and from. I honestly can’t remember if there was a WC slot for someone who can’t transfer. I can, so used it. I do know there were a couple of cruise employees running people to the end on foot. Well being pushed in the chairs they use for disembarking.... The fishing village..is that the bit right at the end of the pier with all the shops? Nice, but very pushy vendors. I seem to remember some train that ran around the island. Not sure of the excursion name, but we decided we’d try that next time.
  15. spookwife

    New Program called "The Key"

    yes it is limited, as it should be as it is granting what amounts to the perks of Pinnacle and Suites to just anyone. most people on the boards have decided that it really isn't worth it in the grand scheme of things. there are other ways to get nearly the same experience( without having to book a suite) think of it as Royal's version of faster to the Fun offered by Carnival.