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  1. you need to have ALL the reservations linked. it would be easiest to have traditional dining and probably late seating at that. usually a 12 top is the largest. as for getting 2-3 tables that large in close proximity, that might be problematic just due to space considerations.
  2. no it shouldn't not at all. I'd so complain to the head housekeeper and make it quite clear that you expect ALL passengers in the cabin to be treated equally
  3. its goop suitable for washing out the bathing suits and the undies. nothing else
  4. I'd make a beeline for the phone and dial the head of housekeeping if I ever got any sort of feeling like that. are these third beds the Pullmans, or the couch? cuz IIRC the Pullman gets made up and left that way all week. the couch does take more effort but even so it's part of the job description. but yeah like Bob asks.. did you just rearrange who sleeps where and the steward was blindsided by a cabin that has more pax in it than registered? if so did you make it painfully obvious you knew he was being inconvenienced and wave a few pieces of paper that had pictures of famous politicians on them around?
  5. nope. they only offer them if overall alcohol sales are down on average. (with or without the number fo packages already purchased)
  6. everyone's reservation must be linked. then just make the request. you will probably be better off asking for 2 tables for 8. either early or late seating is more conducive to getting your requests met.
  7. You won’t know until you board. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It would be offered the back half of the cruise if at all.
  8. @cruisegirl 1 Liberty, Navigator each had it. Sundae glasses with 3-4 jumbo shrimp .
  9. It’s on the menu. Mr spook loves it. You can pretty much pick your veggies too
  10. Under 5 get the same menu as the MDR in specialty venues. The usual suspects.. Mac and cheese,chicken fingers etc for 6-12 the specialties have a more kid friendly version of their regular menu for $10. Steak and fries, pasta with marinara, and the like.
  11. Yup. He can bring the HA into work, but his portable device where he can make simple adjustments cannot be. Of course he also can’t bring the phone inside the building, let alone his office....
  12. No need to be online for either. My husband has those same type HA. no internet required at any point except for updates to the software as for using the earbuds.. as long as her music is downloaded to the device she’s fine. She needs to create a playlist if she’s normally just streaming
  13. I doubt you will get anything. They had to provide transportation, not necessarily your preferred or advertised transportation. They did so.
  14. the menu is quite small, but has a few unique dishes. you can always get the usual suspects( eggs Benedict, etc) there will also probably be a very small self serve cold bar with cereal, yoghurt, fruit, pastries and shrimp cocktail. service is MUCH quicker as you are seated alone, not forced into sharing with large tables. depending on ship and even staff, you can get fresh squeezed OJ even without a drink package. if the restaurant is near enough to the WJ bar, they will even fetch your fancy schmancy coffees ( on the package) as for lunch.. we usually don't take advantage but it ranges from just having a reserved space to eat your WJ plate to again, a limited menu .
  15. not unless he is Diamond in his own right . guests staying in the same cabin do NOT receive reciprocity.
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