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  1. I wouldn’t trust any scale on board. Calibration must be way off just because of the sea.
  2. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Nor does it bother me. Not the biggest fan of buffets in the first place
  3. He needs a lawyer and the straight skinny from the Embassies/consuls of all intended port stops( it does not matter if he says he won’t get off..he is still entering that country and subject to all laws) as well as the cruise lines own internal policies.
  4. Please please please. I have one booked in February, which gives plenty of time to work the kinks out
  5. Eat off the MDR kids menu is free. Eat off the Chops kids menu is$10. at one point, kids under 12 were only welcome before 7 pm. Officially, that restriction has gone away. However, for kids that young, earlier is better for everyone involved. It’s a long affair and they get restless. with the loss of in room babysitting, my usual suggestion of leaving the infant behind is no longer an option. just keep in mind that your idea of fussy may not be someone else’s. For instance, a happy shriek from a toddler is physically painful for my husband who has had s
  6. Personally, I think it’s too much. The average person who dresses up will be far less elaborate than that dress. And most will not dress up at all.
  7. Closest you ever got Pre Plague was dropping your items in the Lounges, but no one was manning it so there would be no recourse if anything disappeared. Someone would have to babysit.
  8. Not if we want to get any rest and actually enjoy our cruise. Can’t function without our machines
  9. A cruise ship has what, ten places, max? I have ten within walking distance and I’m not even near the beach. I am about to go to the beach for dinner. Even though I have the location pre chosen, I’d have the option of almost 2 dozen different cuisines within 5 miles.
  10. Dumb idea. costs way more money to keep a ship tied up to the pier than they could make in day passes. plus, the piers are used for other things
  11. On board the Captain is God. What he says, goes. Some will refuse out of security concerns. Others, for safety reasons. Some have no problem allowing g it
  12. Nope. I have to wait and see if I can actually receive it. Until my doc prescribes it, I ain’t gettin’ it
  13. You need a third option..maybe. Unless my doctor says it is safe for me to get( I cannot get live vaccines) I won’t. If she does, I will.
  14. Only for dinner, and only if there is space available.
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