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  1. Given we now have a travel bubble with NZ and hopefully soon one with Singapore then you never know. If they bring the ships here empty the crews will have done 2 weeks quarantine on the way and if they only let Aussies/Kiwis/Singaporeans on then the trip from Sydney to Singapore might be one that goes and hopefully other cruises to NZ may well happen, or even cruises around Australia.
  2. I am kind of a bit the other way. We are also booked on this cruise to Singapore. My hope is that even if the ship changes, given we will have a travel bubble with Singapore soonish then it may well be one cruise that actually goes with Aussies/Kiwis/Singaporeans and anyone else in that bubble.
  3. We were in a GS for the transpacific from Honolulu to Sydney on Quantum in October 2021. They have changed that ship to finish in Brisbane and sail from there for the season instead of Sydney. All of us on the transpacific were given no option to change to the cruise finishing in Brisbane. It was too late to try and get a GS on Ovation because these had been on sale for a while and all these rooms were long gone. None of us that had planned trips on Quantum out of Sydney were given a choice, just straight out cancelled and none of us are happy about it.
  4. We were on the original transpacific on Quantum on 14 October in a GS. Our TA is working to keep us on that trip which is now to Brisbane. They have taken NZ out altogether and after Polynesia they go straight across to Brisbane. I just got an email cancelling all the cruise planner stuff I had purchased and the cruise is now off the planner. Can't get a GS on Ovation because they booked out ages ago for the trip to Sydney and I didn't really want to do this on Serenade. Both Ovation and Serenade only have 1 stop in NZ. The itineraries are rubbish so might have to give it a miss I think. The m
  5. We were on the transpacific from Honolulu next October on Quantum. Our TA messaged me yesterday giving me the options and was going to find out if we could be changed over to a shortened cruise that ends in Brisbane. Checked my cruise planner this morning and we are still on the trip that is now 15 days instead of 18. They have taken NZ out and added a stop in Brisbane but it still apparently ends in Sydney. Not sure if they kniw yet what is happening. There are some pretty upset people in Sydney at the moment.
  6. We were doing the transpacific from Honolulu in October next year so the same has happened to us. Can't change to Ovation because there are no rooms left in the category we booked. My TA is trying to get us moved across to the Quantum to Brisbane transpacific.
  7. Hope this doesn't happen, we booked this transpacific specifically for Quantum, not Radiance, so I will be cancelling if this happens.
  8. So that would mean the transpacific is off from Honolulu to Sydney in October next year?
  9. Nope, it was for this year and I know it isn't happening. So sad.
  10. We were booked in 1554 for the transpacific from Sydney to Honolulu on 18 April 😢
  11. It would be nice if they let us here in Australia that are booked on it from Hong Kong in October know about this.
  12. Spectrum is coming down here to Australia for a couple of months at least as I think most of the Asian ports are now closing to cruise ships due to this virus and until they know what is happening with it. I imagine it is a bit of a logistical nightmare trying to arrange ports at short notice with so many other cruise lines around at the same time, this would be happening with any ships that usually do the Asian trips.
  13. Yes, it was literally made hours before sailaway. Ovation was due to leave that afternoon and as this cyclone unfolded the decision was made. They stayed at the terminal until something like 3am the following day and then had to move over to the other side of the harbour near Mosman to allow the other ship due to dock at the terminal. They stayed over there "at sea" until late yesterday afternoon.
  14. Don't know where they could have fit in other ports. Some of the islands are closed to cruise ships as the island chiefs don't want to take the risk of coronavirus as they don't have facilities to deal with an outbreak. On South Pacific cruises if there is a medical emergency the ships usually divert to Noumea and the whole itinerary changes. I think Voyager's current cruise has totally changed from the islands to Fiji, New Zealand and Eden on the south coast of NSW. There are also other cruiselines with ships in the area and they won't allow more than one in at a time on the smaller islands.
  15. It is because of the weather. Yes there are islands closed due to coronavirus because island chiefs realise that some of the islands don't have the facilities to cope with an outbreak which is true. Ovation was going to move at around 3am over to the other side of the harbour at Norman as another ship was due in and they will leave tonight. South East Queensland and northern NSW are being pounded by this small cyclone that is moving down the coast. Better to be safe.
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