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  1. We also loved the Windjammer on Explorer
  2. You should come down to Sydney and visit us here. I enjoy reading your reviews and the photographs are fantastic. Both Radiance and Ovation are on their way. Radiance is nearing New Zealand and they have had 10 metre waves today. Ovation has turned around and is on her way back to Honolulu for a serious medical emergency, think they had somewhere around 8 hours travel time to get back. Apparently they were going to go to the big island but the passenger is too ill and they will get to Honolulu at 1.00am their time. We are doing the transpacific from Sydney in April so can't wait as we haven't done one before.
  3. We were on Explorer in March and gold card holders had breakfast in Chops every day
  4. I found two on Explorer in March and brought them home. They will be coming with us next April on the Radiance Transpacific and will be hidden and hopefully found by someone that will take them on to Vancouver and maybe even Alaska and who knows where after that.
  5. We were on in March out of Sydney for 12 nights and had a great time. The ship looked in great shape from what I saw. She will be getting spruced up next year. The crew were great, the food was great everywhere we ate and we had nothing at all to complain about.
  6. We were on in March out of Sydney and saw none of the things shown in these photos. We had absolutely nothing to complain about. Cleaning and maintenance was ongoing throughout each day. The food was great everywhere we ate and the only place we didn't eat was Izumi just because I am not a fan of Japanese food, hubby could have gone by himself but chose not to. We didn't have a bad meal even once. We ate at both MDR and Windjammer, Johnny Rockets, Giovanni's and Chops, I preferred Giovanni's out of the two specialties we ate at. Chops had a great breakfast for those in suites. Our room was spotless, as were the hallways and everywhere else I happened to see. For me the best coffee on the ship was from the bar in the Windjammer where they also do fresh juice as well and there was a long queue every morning for the coffee.
  7. On our trip on Explorer from 17 to 29 March people dressed for dinner and it was lovely to see. After reading plenty of comments I half expected to see many people casually dressed and was pleasantly surprised. Everyone I saw (men) had a suit or at the very least pants, shirt and tie. Ladies were in long dresses, cocktail dresses or pants and a lovely top.
  8. We got off this ship on 29 March before it left on this repositioning that afternoon and can honestly say I saw none of what you have pictured. The windows around the pool deck were spotless, the pools and hot tubs were cleaned all the time and none of the loungers around the pool were broken. They were cleaning pretty much all the time, including in the public toilets.
  9. I found two on our Sth Pacific trip in March on Explorer. One was decorated by a little boy from Melbourne and the other started it's journey in Sydney. They have been to Vanuatu, Fiji and New Caledonia and had their photos taken all around the ship. I brought them home with me and we will take them next year on Radiance for the transpacific in April, so they will also get to visit New Zealand, Moorea, Bora Bora and Papeete before arriving in Honolulu. I will hide them on that ship and hopefully whoever finds them will take them on to Vancouver and Alaska and onwards from there. Going to be two very well travelled ducks.
  10. We got off Explorer at the end of March (out of Sydney and gratuities were already paid on the drink package) and it was all drinks up to and including $14. I got it for AUD$67 per person I think last November. We had no trouble hitting the $67 per day. I was also getting fresh juice and coffee so I easily hit the amount.
  11. We were on the final trip before Explorer left Sydney for this repositioning and got off on 29 March. We had a fantastic time. The crew were brilliant and some will be getting off once they arrive in Southampton. We didn't have one bad meal wherever we ate from the MDR to Windjammer or any of the specialty restaurants. Drinks were amazing and definitely not watered down whatsoever. Everywhere I went and looked the ship was very clean and the cleaning was constant. I wouldn't be taking too much notice of what others say. You will decide for yourself.
  12. We just did one on the Explorer last week and it was well worth it. Went for 2.5 hours. Our guide went through what we could and couldn't take photos of which were the plans on the desk in the engine control room but everything else, including the monitors, was OK and also what was up along the walls leading to the engine control room and also along the I95 (I think) because some of it was sensitive. Started at the bridge and that was fantastic and then to the galley for the deck 5 dining area that also covered room service and the crew meals.Then to the engine control room which was incredibly fascinating. The said plans were on the desk which we all saw and I got some great photos of the monitors showing what was happening in the engine room. We also went along that very very long hallway to the storage area, haven't seen that many bottles of anything in my life. Finally to the laundry down 2 very narrow flights of stairs. It is well worth the money to see what happens beneath.
  13. Don't know about Ovation, but we got off Explorer last Friday before she sailed out of Sydney for the last time and they certainly did it on there.
  14. We have booked GS 1554 on Radiance for the transpacific in April next year. Good to see that everyone seems to like it.
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