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  1. Like Queen P said, we just had a report on A Current Affair here saying 5 were deceased and many more with burns. There are still many unaccounted for and it is too dangerous to access the island at the moment or to even fly over it.
  2. One crew member involved as well. I'm following a facebook page that is getting updates by a passenger on the ship whose name is Sylvain Plasse from Montreal. Apparently a couple of ambulances have also now pulled up at the ship as well and according to other passengers currently on the ship the mood is very grim.
  3. She is currently sailing down the east coast of Australia on the way to Sydney to start her season. Haven't been on this one before but we are going on 31 January for a 3 night and then in October 2020 to bring her back to Sydney from Hong Kong. Looking forward to it.
  4. We also loved the Windjammer on Explorer
  5. You should come down to Sydney and visit us here. I enjoy reading your reviews and the photographs are fantastic. Both Radiance and Ovation are on their way. Radiance is nearing New Zealand and they have had 10 metre waves today. Ovation has turned around and is on her way back to Honolulu for a serious medical emergency, think they had somewhere around 8 hours travel time to get back. Apparently they were going to go to the big island but the passenger is too ill and they will get to Honolulu at 1.00am their time. We are doing the transpacific from Sydney in April so can't wait as we haven't done one before.
  6. We were on Explorer in March and gold card holders had breakfast in Chops every day
  7. I found two on Explorer in March and brought them home. They will be coming with us next April on the Radiance Transpacific and will be hidden and hopefully found by someone that will take them on to Vancouver and maybe even Alaska and who knows where after that.
  8. We were on in March out of Sydney for 12 nights and had a great time. The ship looked in great shape from what I saw. She will be getting spruced up next year. The crew were great, the food was great everywhere we ate and we had nothing at all to complain about.
  9. We were on in March out of Sydney and saw none of the things shown in these photos. We had absolutely nothing to complain about. Cleaning and maintenance was ongoing throughout each day. The food was great everywhere we ate and the only place we didn't eat was Izumi just because I am not a fan of Japanese food, hubby could have gone by himself but chose not to. We didn't have a bad meal even once. We ate at both MDR and Windjammer, Johnny Rockets, Giovanni's and Chops, I preferred Giovanni's out of the two specialties we ate at. Chops had a great breakfast for those in suites. Our room was spotless, as were the hallways and everywhere else I happened to see. For me the best coffee on the ship was from the bar in the Windjammer where they also do fresh juice as well and there was a long queue every morning for the coffee.
  10. On our trip on Explorer from 17 to 29 March people dressed for dinner and it was lovely to see. After reading plenty of comments I half expected to see many people casually dressed and was pleasantly surprised. Everyone I saw (men) had a suit or at the very least pants, shirt and tie. Ladies were in long dresses, cocktail dresses or pants and a lovely top.
  11. We got off this ship on 29 March before it left on this repositioning that afternoon and can honestly say I saw none of what you have pictured. The windows around the pool deck were spotless, the pools and hot tubs were cleaned all the time and none of the loungers around the pool were broken. They were cleaning pretty much all the time, including in the public toilets.
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