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  1. I remember going Gefilte fishing as a boy with my father. Nothing quite like reeling in a 15 lb Gefilte.
  2. No, not the remote. Just dont throw any toothpicks in the toilet; crabs can pole vault out.
  3. It’s apparently changed since I’ve dined there, but this could certainly make it worth the return.
  4. We cruised Brilliance 9 years ago, and it was immaculate; we loved it.
  5. I went on a camping trip and woke up with fire ants on my junk once; I think that’s worse.
  6. Yes. We got a lightening digital av adapter for our iPhone (hdmi) and used it to watch movies on the flat screen in the cabin on Navigator.
  7. I see your ‘geez’ and raise you a ‘fer cryin’ out loud.’
  8. I’ve stepped in gum before on a hot day, and it really ticked me off.
  9. True, but the sniping certainly makes for good reading.
  10. I tried to take a nap in Izumi once; they threw me out. Glad to hear they’re more lenient in Coastal Kitchen.
  11. Hello, thank you for letting us know of our error in moving you up to diamond plus. We will correct this and bust you back down to diamond immediately. Regards, Royal Caribbean Loyalty Awards Abacus Technician
  12. I’m an assistant coach for a women’s softball team.
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