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  1. We saw Rondell Sheridan on a Panama Canal transit. Apparently he's been around for awhile but we had never seen him. He was on some sitcom back in the 80s.
  2. I realize that the ship I would love to see in Alaska is not even up for consideration...but I would really like to do another cruise on the Pacific Princess. Just did a Panama Canal transit earlier this year (old locks) just before all the chaos began. This (in my opinion) would be the perfect size ship to see Alaska. Small to where you could get REALLY close to most all the glaciers and into inlets and passageways that the larger ships will never be able to do. Of course, there's nowhere near the number of PAYING CUSTOMERS on the Pacific so it is unlikely that Princess will do any itiner
  3. Have yet to sail on the Grand...how does it compare to the Pacific Princess?
  4. After just under 60 days I finally got my cruise refund. However, NCL did not refund the charge for the travel insurance fees. Is this what everyone is seeing? Should I expect a separate refund?
  5. I'm hoping my refund is now truly "in the pipeline"! I just checked my NCL account and the FCC allowances are now gone. Others have said that this is generally what happens when they actually start to process a given refund. Holding my breath!
  6. hmmm...sounds like no more than one person per elevator! 😁
  7. I can't imagine they're burning down the store selling those pillows!
  8. Watch for the refund form to be posted on June 8th here: https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings
  9. While I'm sure that it raises operating costs to be constantly moving around, I'll bet that those poor people stuck on those ships are glad to at least have *some* semblance of normalcy! It would certainly be monotonous just sitting on an idle ship, especially a ship in port. I would liken it to "house arrest". You can see the outside world but just can't participate!
  10. Congrats to you for getting such a quick response. However, I *suspect* that it may be primarily due to the fact that it was only for the amount of a deposit and not "full fare" refund as many are waiting on. My opinion: taking care of the "small amounts" first helps to reduce the number of people they are having to deal with. Just my 2 cents worth!
  11. We have always (well, usually) enjoyed the Voice of the Ocean shows. There's almost always one VERY clear winner!
  12. OK...the main page NOW has a link to the refund page...however it seems to be a different form than the one linked to by MechE31. It may very well accomplish the same goal...but it is very disconcerting that there would be different "paths" to a refund form.
  13. Well, it seems that NCL is playing games with the links and what it has previously stated would happen. (No surprise!) They are making it difficult to find that refund form. As of right now (shortly prior to 9:00am Eastern, US) the page that says "it will be posted on this page on May 7th" has no reference to the form. (Yes...have refreshed the screen MANY times.) Anyway, the important point is that the link posted by MechE31 in post #2 DOES work. I was able to successfully access the link, fill it out, submit and get a confirmation email that it had been received. Now...who
  14. I suspect the Enchanted Princess is too far along for any type of "major" redesign...
  15. I have a small inventory of these little goodies available to ship immediately, only $50 each (+10.00 shipping and handling). Expect delivery in 60-90 days (sound familiar?) Call 1-800-INEEDAFIX; leave message. JUST KIDDING OF COURSE!!! These are for personal use only! (Gotta have my own fix!)
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