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  1. Keep in mind that (at least for now) you can get to the "old" ship intranet system showing activities in a MUCH more friendly manner (i.e. the "old" way!) Example for the Majestic: majestic.princess.com You DO NOT need an Internet package in place, or if you have one you don't need to connect to it. This is "on the ship" so to speak via the ship's intranet. I found this to be much better on our Majestic sailing in August. The way that the app shows activities where you have to scroll left, right, up and down to find anything is just not workable. And...you're still likely to miss something!
  2. You beat me to it...reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield!
  3. The one thing you have going for you is that the airport is really close to the port...15 minutes.
  4. Hence my point that Jan may not be the person to contact any longer...she most likely would delegate things of that nature and not get directly involved...IMHO.
  5. Jan may very well no longer be in this loop...John Padgett was named PCL President about October 12. Jan is the head of Holland America Group.
  6. Same here! I was just making transfer arrangements and was trying to figure out what time I should shoot for. Moot point since the app won't give us those groups/times! I really believe that a big majority of the people who are having app issues are *really* having behind the scenes data issues...which of course you cannot see or fix yourself. That would explain why some people are popping up saying they have no issues at all. I had most of the same issues people are complaining about for the second Majestic Alaska sailing earlier this year. It got down to about a week and a half prior to sail date when I finally sent a blistering email detailing every bug and problem I could find in the app to the support/development group. The very next day pretty much every issue was cleared up for my Android Galaxy S10. All it took was for someone to actually look at my account record and tweak it. There was a big data migration mid-year before any ships sailed in preparation (Hah) for the app being put to use by July/August. Many have surmised that the migration failed for a lot of people.
  7. Yes, I realize this now (after the fact.) This having been our very first NCL cruise and not knowing the "NCL way" certainly contributed to the confusion.
  8. Given the cash flow situations (or rather the lack thereof) the cruise lines may not have been able to do much pre-purchasing of fuel.
  9. On our recent cruise out of Athens (NCL) we were tested at the hotel before we were allowed to board the bus to the pier. Logistically this is the simplest way just in case. Imagine that you have already sent your luggage on via whatever system that your cruise line has to "get your bags into your room" from the airport. Should you test positive in the interim you are "up the creek", especially now that you have no luggage!
  10. I *suspect* that maybe this was intended as a joke...but if not, not true. There is NO connection between the medallion and the cabin lights. Most ships I've been on (as do European hotels) have the "card slot" that others have mentioned. On our past 2 cruises this year (one NCL, one Princess) a "dummy" card was already in place when we checked in. That's what everybody did anyway...
  11. I've always been afraid to open that can of worms!
  12. @cruzin4us I certainly don't want to muddy the water for you, but *if* you decide you want to make some calls or send some texts while you are in port somewhere. just take your phone off of airplane mode and let it connect to the local provider. Keep in mind that you would need an international calling plan from your normal phone service provider (AT&T, T-Mobile...whoever it may be)
  13. Unless this is a "new feature" just added (I hope not!) you cannot book ezAir through the app. Just think how much more trouble people would be having if they tried to throw that one in! Book it directly on the real website in your Personalizer.
  14. We were on a Majestic sailing as well...second cruise of startup. We always did early dining...the waiter always asked us if we were trying to make a show.
  15. On our Majestic sailing about 2 months ago we always did the early dining. The waiter always asked us if we were planning to do a show, implying that they would try to put a rush on your order.
  16. This is what I have done on the past 5 or 6 cruises (on Princess). I was expecting the same arrangement on an NCL cruise we did about a month ago. Not so! (It was our first NCL and I did not know what to expect.) I always carry a 10 foot standard US extension cord with my CPAP and that's what I ended up using. It's a bit of a hassle to pull the bed out and/or crawl under to reach and swap out the existing plug with the adapter you bring...but you just have to do it twice (beginning and end of cruise) and it is FAR AND AWAY better than having to step over an extension cord even if it *is* taped down.
  17. Just a note regarding having your medallion mailed to you. We had ours sent (actually it usually comes by FedEx) prior to the second Majestic sailing to Alaska this year. My wife's would not scan properly at the pier. The best guess was that the battery had run down. We had received them about 3 weeks prior to the cruise. They just said to go to Customer Service on board and a new one would be supplied (actually they just replaced the battery). About 3 days into the cruise *mine* quit unlocking the door. Same problem! Customer Service replaced the battery and I was good to go...both of us for the rest of the sailing. It's quite possible that ours had just been sitting on a shelf for quite some time before the Alaska sailings got started up (just a guess). I've not heard of anyone else with a similar story...but I find it a very strange coincidence that BOTH of ours dropped out within 2-3 days of each other. YMMV!
  18. On our recent sailing on the Jade about a month ago, I tried to purchase the water package up front. I never saw a bill or where they had applied the purchase to my account. I had OBC and just assumed that the OBC covered it. Well...once on board...no water and NCL had conveniently "lost" my order. Not really a big deal; they just referred me to the nearest bar and they processed my order. It was in my cabin within a couple of hours.
  19. Our travel companions got one recently on the Jade. I was not impressed...but I didn't have to pay for it!
  20. Aww...the title was renamed AND they removed all of the humorous posts. Oh well.
  21. Correct. The Majestic sailings done in the last half of the season did not include any stops at Vancouver and any excursions that ventured into Canada (White Pass Railway) were cancelled.
  22. Also, here's some specific info that I received directly via email from the health authorities in the Azores: Disembarkation in the Azores: The embarkation, disembarkation and arrival ashore of passengers and crew of cruise ships are carried out in a "bubble" regime, that is, exclusively on excursions previously organized by the cruise ship owner or operator, during the performance of which contacts with the local population must be minimized, and “free” outings and private excursions are not allowed. The aforementioned excursions, carried out in a “bubble” regime, must be organized by operators with the capacity to ensure the provision of the service to the entire group, avoiding dispersion among several agents and minimizing contact with local elements. Testing on arrival in the Azores: Upon arrival of ships at the landing ports in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, the Regional Health Authority ensures the carrying out of rapid tests or designated antigens (Testes AG), in conjunction with the Port Authority. Coming ashore is only authorized for passengers who present a negative result and in the “bubble” concept. The epidemiological situation in the Region is evaluated weekly, so it is advisable to consult regularly the site www.destinoseguro.azores.gov.pt
  23. For any transfer that has multiple options for an airport, there is a drop-down selection. If you're not paying attention you will likely blow right past it. This is one little gotcha that even the "old" Personalizer online contained...there was always a "default" selection of airport and unless you checked the drop-down (if there *was* one) you would not realize that you may have just made a mistake. It should have actively pointed out that there were options and allow you to select one.
  24. Here's a trick that I stumbled on a couple of cruises back: If you have issues getting the WiFi to "recognize" that it is a new device, try browsing to "shipname.princess.com" where shipname is the ship you are on. Example: majestic.princess.com An added benefit is that accessing the system in this manner (which just happens to be the "old way" that was in place BEFORE Medallion Net) let's you really see the ships' schedule of activities without fumbling through the asinine method the the app tries to serve up. As long as you are connected to the ship WiFi this method should be available...unless they pull the plug on it at some point in the future...I hope not.
  25. I was on an NCL roll call recently that only had maybe 2 or 3 pages of posts. Every Princess roll call I've ever participated in has always been very active.
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