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  1. Does anyone have photos of the beds in their current location?
  2. Does anyone know if they have moved the day beds to South Beach since ShelleyUM's visit? An RCI rep sent me this map and said the beds will be in the red circled area when we are there 12/14.
  3. Did you happen to notice any day beds on South Beach at Coco Cay or were they only on Chill Island?
  4. A recent Allure of the Seas review said it took 30-40 minutes to find a taxi to Redhook. Is this normal? I have contacted a few taxi companies and a private taxi is very expensive.
  5. A link would be helpful. I don't see anything on google.
  6. Do they serve seasonal lattes such as peppermint mocha on Allure?
  7. I emailed RCI for some reassurance and they responded with this map and wrote, "Please find attached the Perfect Day CocoCay map, where I have highlighted the area where beach beds are located (red) and the area currently under construction (green).Please be assured we do our very best to keep guests comfortable and apart from the ongoing construction and we will always try to ensure our guests have a pleasant experience"
  8. Seems like it would be helpful to know what someone paid for their initial cabin as that seems to be factored into bids and acceptance/rejection.
  9. They also offered refunds for the 12/8 sailing.
  10. This is the most recent map I can find. It only shows day beds in one area which is odd because our cruise planner has Chill Island and South Beach days beds available.
  11. I noticed today our cabana reservation was no longer on our cruise planner. I called and they confirmed it was cancelled and a refund would be issued. Luckily South Beach day beds were still available so we booked that. They assured me the day beds would not be cancelled. We'll see...
  12. Just received the following email regarding our South Beach Cabana reservation for 12/8 sailing. I called to see if the South Beach day beds would be available as we were hoping to stay in that area. Rep told me she did not see any emails sent and our cabana reservation was not cancelled. My CC has not been refunded yet and reservation still shows in my calendar. Has anyone else received emails or tried calling? Dear Guest, We’ve been busy working on re-imagining our South Beach area and while we expected to have it ready, along with Coco Beach Club, for your sailing, we un
  13. I have read of people getting "stuck" so thank you for the reminder! There have been a couple recent Allure reviews on CC stating deck 7's hallway or restrooms smelling like mildew. Have you experienced this at all?
  14. If you don't mind me asking, what deck are you on? We will be in JS 7236 in December.
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