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  1. Heard security had to be called when some cruisers with only a license plate handicap emblem, got irate when they were informed they couldn't park for free without the proper documentation? Anyone see this?
  2. If you can read, the post said "walking through it"
  3. Are there masks available for walking thru the smoke-filled casino? We usually bring our own so that we can breathe. Of course, we don't play
  4. Anyone use this? I understand it is free. What documentation do you need? And do the officials actually check?
  5. It was the same as the regular line, IF you walked off with your luggage. If you did not walk off with luggage, then it was much faster
  6. Of St Thomas, Nassau, st Martaan, which has the best rum prices?
  7. I think it is called prime sirloin or something like that....but was not far off from being prime rib, tender, and very tasty.
  8. We did not eat in chops, sabor, or giovannis. only Johnny Rockets. We usually eat in Chops once, but did not this time. Did not hear any negative comments
  9. Forgot activities.... lots of trivia, mini-golf tournaments, games in the Star Lounge
  10. We ate, drank, and was merry. The good: the MDR especially the largest lobsters we ever had on a cruise, steaks, and appetizers were very good. Windjammer was full of variety. Good ports, and was in holiday mode. The bad: Smoking in the Casino was ridiculous. People would just go in, not play, and smoke. It was very bad. Did not gamble cause of it. Diabetics: This is not a good ship for diabetics. Sugar free desserts were always some kind of mousse (7 of 8 nights) and either lemon or chocolate chips cookies, or ice cream. No cakes, no pies, no fancy desserts, no pastries, not even jello. Just laziness on the part of RCCL. Staff: outstanding Guest Relations: outstanding Embarkation: outstanding Debarkation: logjams exiting ship (not customs) cause of large numbers of walkoffs Mobile App: Worthless as air brakes on a box turtle. It worked okay, but we still had to show passports, and hand in customs forms. Saved about 6 seconds compared to regular departure. No advantage. Diamond Club: was small and had the usual number of snobs.
  11. Dominica, St Lucia, Barbados? I know Jamaica requires some care... any others?
  12. yes. all drink coupons were on sea pass as was discounted internet
  13. We ate, drank, and were merry. Tip: Be sure to bring your binoculars if you order the lobster tail. Crayfish in the Ohio River are bigger.
  14. We brought 2 bottles of wine, a bottle of 7Up, and 2 bottles of water. No questions asked. Probably because the Port and RCCL are fighting over who controls what.
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