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  1. So with my Android phone (4g) and run-of-the-mill phone camera, plus Chrome browser, I could use this kit? I'd have to download only the Navica app? DH and I are tekkie dinosaurs.
  2. We love this ship and crew. Wonderful memories. Planning to add more.
  3. I did not (unfortunately) pay for expedited handling. I have been waiting over 19 weeks and mailed a form stating I had not received the passport. Status has shown "approved" for quite a while. I did get my hole-punched passport back.
  4. We also still pay for a landline and use an answering machine. Neither one of us wants to let go of that tel number since we've had it for three decades.
  5. Is there a list of those ports? Just curious. (I'm vaccinated.)
  6. It would be interesting to know if he's a cruiser.
  7. My understanding, maybe incorrect, is that below 95% vaccinated will result in all cruisers having to follow the CDC protocol for unvaccinated. Is that true as of now?
  8. Has Royal said those vaccinated will be identified some way and allowed to be free of masks? I'm a bit behind regarding this recent development. (Our upcoming b2b is out of Galveston, not a FL port.)
  9. DH had a call from our TA ref our Sept B2B on Liberty out of Galveston. We're now on Independence instead, same cabin category, and the second week is now 8 day instead of 7, no additional charge. Liberty apparently will be in dry dock.
  10. Dani, I'm sorry. I wanted so much for the Israeli people to have that beautiful new ship home porting there.
  11. My granddaughter would love the "Swim with the Dolphins" excursion, and a photograph getting her dolphin kiss. Maybe have a book about dolphins wrapped.
  12. I knew a lady (now deceased) who was not allowed to board a plane (or maybe was escorted off; i don't remember) because they didn't have a seat belt extender. She had to take a later flight.
  13. I just feel bad for all the Israelis who excitedly booked cruises on a beautiful new ship; they not only deal with the tremendous stress of unprovoked missile attacks, but they lose the joy of having something wonderful to look forward to.
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