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  1. Throwback to our cruise to Cuba in January, Havana was an incredible experience.
  2. Thanks guys! I’m good with a tour/excursion to the locks, would like to see Panama City as well. We are pushing it by taking 12 days off as it is so I couldn’t do any longer. The princess cruise is tempting too but it’s about $1000 more for us so I’m leaning towards the MSC Cruise Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I thought the same thing when I used it.
  4. We are looking into Panama Canal cruises in December of 2019 and I came across the MSC Divina that has an 11 night itinerary that includes a stop in panama, it does not however say anything about transit so my question is does this ship just port at colon panama and not actually go through the locks? It says it’s in colon panama from 9am-6pm. Has anyone done this sailing on here? I am also curious to see if excursions will be available, if the ship doesn’t actually go through the locks maybe we can take an excursion that will allow us to see them. I would love to hear your experiences!
  5. Excellent! Thank you :) we may look into blixie, we were looking into Havanaclassiccar tours or something like that Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. We have a 10 hour port day in Havana this coming January on the carnival paradise. We are planning on booking a 4 hour car tour(outside of the cruise line) for the first part of the day and then walking around havana, grabbing some local food, and taking some photos for the second half of the day, has anyone done this? All of the tours the cruise line offers are 8 hours long. I do not want to spend 8 hours on a tour, I would like to explore the city on my own for a bit if it at all possible.
  7. My apologies I just realized this was in a specific forum for “Regent”. I just looked at recent topics on the app. I have not been on regent, That being said I enjoy relaying with a good drink and I don’t particularly enjoy kids running around while I’m trying to relax Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Can’t actually see the poll on the app. I’m 26, soon to be 27 on Friday Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. So far I’ve just booked through the cruise line. The last two I booked with carnival after watching them for a few months and waiting for them to get cheaper. This last one I paid $359pp for a 5 night Cuba cruise , seems fair to me! I wouldn’t mind trying a TA if it brings some extra perks. Just never looked in to it. To be honest in this modern age of technology I’m surprised people still use TAs. I’m all for saving money so I can take more cruises so it may be worth looking in to! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. You can also just buy a bus ticket from one of the tour buses at the port. We did that and we got to choose how long we spent at the glacier. We hiked to nugget falls and got fairly close to the glacier. We also saw a bear on the way so that was cool! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Excellent thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. I read somewhere that you had to have 100 shares of carnival stock to qualify for obc. Is this true? And how much obc do you receive? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. I always try to get a post card and local currency from places I visit. My favorite souvenirs however, are the photos I capture.
  14. Phone cameras have certainly gotten better over the last 10 years, I can only imagine what they will be like in another 10 years. I use both my iPhone 7 and my DSLR to shoot when I travel as both have their advantages in certain situations.
  15. I’m with you, if I’m going to pay for a meal on a cruise it will be at the ports. I’m sure some of the specialty restaurants are good too but I’ve always been more than happy with the food that’s included Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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