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  1. I looked forward to reading about your adventures each day. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Taxis are lined up at Fort Lauderdale. Keep an eye on the meter.
  3. I'm pretty certain the beverage cards gifted from HAL are "Use it or Lose it" (That's how it was with "Black Friday" beverage card) As to the $50 for $25 soda card; Alberta Quilter stated above (Post 5) if you go over $25, you get no refund and if you are under $25 they'll refund the difference between $25 and what you charged. (My personal experience, I only had an unused card)
  4. With respect to soda card; if you don’t use it they will reverse $25 charge at end of the cruise. You don’t have to cancel before cruise. We bought two, only used one, and they refunded the other.
  5. Thank you for taking me along. I very much enjoyed your photos and commentary and looked forward to reading each day. I held off until today to write this because I had been hoping to read "but, wait, there's more"!
  6. It was still $20 last month on Volendam.
  7. They also sell 1 gallon bottles of distilled water. I purchased ahead of time on line, not sure if they sell on ship.
  8. Wow, this is disheartening to hear. The EXC guide on the Volendam, Glen Michael, wound up having to repeat 2 presentations about the Panama Canal. He was so good that his talk about HMC had to be repeated.
  9. We had Mariners’ brunch and received tile on Volendam last week.
  10. Enjoyed reading about your trip and appreciate all the info you shared. Especially appreciate the heads up on the cabbie practices. We'll be on high alert in a few weeks.
  11. I so enjoyed your postings and learned so much. Thank you.
  12. Thank you, VennDiagram. I, too, give a "little something" extra, but was trying to figure out if it should be a' bigger something". You've helped by letting me know that there is a gratuity component to the corkage fee. This is the first time I'm bringing wine to the dining room.
  13. Does wine steward get any of the corkage fee as gratuity? I'm bringing my own wine on board and paying corkage. I don't want to stiff the wine steward. Any advice from someone who has brought their own wine aboard would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. As Jareds mommy too advised, it's only soda from gun. We found it convenient when sitting at bars with friends, they had SBP, we did not, but we'd want to sip on something to be social. We purchased wine package to enjoy at dinner, and between the two, did not feel deprived at all (I think our friends may have been jealous that our wines were better) We're doing the same on our next cruise.
  15. You may want to purchase the $50 (it cost $25 on line before you go) soda card. Use that for your sodas and pay as you go for other items.
  16. Maybe you can recover it in “recently deleted”?
  17. I’ll continue to give extra cash that the crew member can spend as they wish, and a candy bar. As to the candy bar, the crew member can keep it, toss it or give it away.
  18. Enjoyed your blog very much. Thanks for vicariously taking me along.
  19. I give cash but sweeten it with Kit Kats. I had heard they’re popular with the crew.
  20. We did a similar post cruise one way rental, Quebec City to NYC. The drive wasn’t bad at all. We drove home and returned the car the next morning all for one day rental. Hey, you may even want to see if someone wants to split the cost with you.
  21. I read that Delta has changed their rules on Lounge usage. You have to be on a Delta Flight.
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