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  1. If any family members or friends of people who have passed are reading this you have my condolences. I am a Christian (Anglican, specifically) and if you accept them you have my prayers. Regardless, you have my thoughts. This is absolutely tragic. I am so, so sorry. Additionally I feel for the people of NZ. We are regular visitors (we're Aussies) and we love your country and people.
  2. Booked Quantum 9th Jan 2020 on Black Friday. Have checked a couple of times In my planner on the RC website but there is no information about shows. Should I ring RC? Not long to go, obviously, only 34 days.
  3. Hi dolphingirl47/Corinna I am sailing for 7 nights in Jan 2020. I was wondering if we could get some menus? Additionally I am interested in the shows- I've never been on this class of ship and the only 'show' I have seen (which was great) was the ice skating. What are the shows onboard?
  4. OP again. Thank you for this- it was a good read and very helpful. I have cruised on Mariner and did thoroughly enjoy the ice show! I grew up learning and playing the Piano, Harp and Pipe Organ so music is very, very important to me. Thanks for this info.
  5. OP here. Thank you everyone. The carnival cruise I/we were considering is based in Australia. I am fairly confident that carnival would work for us as a result of the comments.
  6. Hi all, I am considering doing a Carnival Spirit cruise but have previously sailed Royal Carribean (Mariner and Radiance). Are there any significant differences? Why do you choose Carnival over Royal? It is so tempting to stay with Royal Caribbean simply because of the rewards programme but I am not someone who prefers the same thing over and over again. Thanks
  7. mr walker you beat me to it! I am a fellow aussie and was going to say EXACTLY the same thing, ha ha. I have only been on three cruises (2RCI). I have not yet paid for food on a cruise but I can see it as something that I would contemplate in the future. I think if I was going to pay money it would be for something like this, at this kind of price range. I think it is clever of RCI and nothing to get upset about! In fact, I welcome increased competition onboard!
  8. I have only done 3 cruises (2 with RC) and this is so, so, SO true. I live in Perth, Western Australia. Cannot say that Fremantle Port frequently hosts RCI ships! Realistically I will never achieve Diamond and I will be lucky to get to Emerald. To get to a cruise I have to fly. Flying between Australian cities is not like the US- it is expensive! For my husband and I to fly to somewhere that cruises actually depart or return to (say Melbourne) easily costs at LEAST $600AU (often $800) and takes about 8 hours door to door- no getting on a plane and headed straight to the cruise t
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