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  1. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! I think that did it! So very obvious once you know but certainly not to me without knowing.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I am not getting it to work. I have gone to two locations. One is the small print of my name which is above the larger square that has my first initial in. If I hover over that small print it a drop-down appears which has a search icon (magnifying glass) in it. The second option I tried is to click on the large coloured square with my first initial in it. That also produces a search icon. However in both cases I cannot enter text into that area - I can only seem to click on the search icon. That takes me to a page that shows all the messages I have written. I was wanting to find messages in a given topic. I am trying to follow a topic about various shore excursions along the way but seem to be unable to enter the name of a port, for example, and get a result from within the topic/thread unless I have written about it.
  3. How do I search a specific topic (eg. regarding shore excusions) which is many pages long. At the moment all I can do is read through the whole thing every time I need to look something up. It has been suggested to search my emails which have the notifications in them but they don't all appear either. This is so very time consuming - there must be a better way
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