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  1. New digital customs in place since 2018. You mentioned Gem... was it in the New York City? When we left Escape just a month ago we went through the new face recognition customs and I believe with that came removal of the declarations form and the automatic summation of your purchases. I could be wrong of course πŸ™‚
  2. Thank you all for updates! Waiting patiently at home, now aiming to arrive at 7pm at the pier. Lucky we live just 1/2 hour away.
  3. That bad huh 😞 Are you at the pier?
  4. Late.... we are aiming to get there around 5pm. I think before then it will be insane.
  5. Specialty restaurants open too? ☺️
  6. If she arrives at 11, would they allow early guests on at 2pm? Thoughts?
  7. We were on escape last September for a Canadian cruise. We actually used one of our vouchers to eat there. Ordered anything we wanted. The cheesecake is incredible. We love pretty much all the food especially the burgers. Fabulous time the views are amazing.
  8. Just to give you a small update we sailed back in 2016. When I read a few threads about the noisy room I called in and was able to switch my assigned cabin to another. I suggest you do the same. We switched to 13716 and even though it was all the way on the end of the hallway it was super quiet.
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