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  1. SAN415, how many days before your cruise were you offered this? Also, 12 out of 14 of our cruises on Princess have been inside quads!! We sleep super well due to no light, & we’re only in there to sleep, shower & dress. Works great for our family!
  2. Am I the only one who didn’t get this email?!
  3. As long as the Emerald has the upgraded internet, I’ll be happy!
  4. Will they upgrade to Medallion Net?
  5. Thrak, I would throw caution to the wind, & ask to speak to a supervisor, & explain that you both have bad backs, & medically cannot get in & out of this bed without medical difficulty. Might not work, but it might...
  6. Wow...so glad you discovered this now! I’ve never seen such a thing!
  7. Interesting...that would be great for us in the PNW!
  8. We’re a family of 4, & we’ve taken 13 cruises with Princess, all in inside quads! We’ve been doing this since the kids were toddlers, & they’re now 20 & 24. This has been the only affordable option for us, & it has allowed us to see the world as a family. Grateful...!
  9. I didn’t get one! This is the first I’ve heard of it! Was this through regular mail or email?
  10. SusieS


    I’m so hoping that we get to go! How long ago were you there?
  11. Hi all- Have Princess ships been stopping in Nicaragua this fall? We’ll be on the Coral in December, & I was wondering if we could expect to make our stop there. If not, does it usually become another sea day, or might they add on another day in Mexico? Thanks!
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