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  1. I agree Joebucks w you. Who or what entity has been perfect in this?
  2. To add, they did give the option for a guest to get a FULL refund, which for a while the airlines were NOT doing that nor AIR BNB.
  3. That is a stretch to say a publicly traded company has not been honest. Prove it. I think your anger should be directed at the Government for not treating the various forms of travel the same and causing the cancellations since last March, 2020. They haven’t been perfect but who has?
  4. The Travel Agents WERE taken care of on the first cancelled booking, their commission WAS protected regardless if the customer cancelled or not however the cruise-lines can’t continue pay commissions on each paused sailing. Why should they? They would be in very serious financial peril if they did this.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/carnival-cruise-lines-job-cuts-thousands-layoffs-crew-members-report-2020-9%3famp
  6. The Chief Communications Officer for Carnival posted on his twitter account, you can go check. Plus the Fantasy class has 920 per ship so when you do the math, not anywhere near close to 7,000 esp when you have the Mardi Gras coming online in Feb w crew joining in December. That ship will have 1750 crew members. That ambulance chaser from Cruise Law News is wrong, again.
  7. This is not true at all. There was NO layoffs totaling 7,000. This is confirmed by Carnival.
  8. The correct answer is the ship is already gutted and the remodel will proceed. Full stop.
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