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  1. I brought back 4 bottles of Havana club rum plus legendario elixir. ( A MUST TRY). OH MY GOODNESS. And no one asked. I regret not bringing back more.
  2. As far as exchanging money, i ran out of CUC's and of Euro. And had a $50 bill on my in USD. I asked a taxi driver if he can exchange cash on the spot and he was so happy (they love the dollar) we did a quick calculations in our phone calculators and boom, I had CUC's in an instant. And i didn't have to pay the extra exchange rate fee for when you exchange from USD to CUC. By the way, I felt like i was getting ripped off when i paid with EURO while shopping, restaurants and taxis. Never again!!!!!! The best option is definitely use CUC's in Cuba. We also went to Mojito the restaurant btw. It was SUPERB! and the Paladar Los Mercaderes! OH MY. The vibe, the music, the food, the coffee and the Rum! My highlight was this restaurant. Just 8 min walking from the ship.
  3. Please do not worry about being in the room to 'catch' your stewardess for the Cuba visas. The stewardess will clean your room twice a day. Morning and evening. Which means MOST OF THE DAY he/she will be on your floor so much that you will get tired of seeing them. lol. Sometimes I just wanted them to go away. lol And if you know they are about to come and have you sign for the visas, and you miss them, JUST CALL 99 (Guest services, and ask them to send the steward) Easy Peasy. Really NOTHING to worry about. They also know to come and find you before dinner even starts. And they start this process days before you arrive in Cuba.
  4. My best friend who I was travelling with won $550 at the Casino playing a $20. All in an hour. Unbelievable.
  5. I never knew there was a movie theater. I wish I knew!
  6. omg the memories! i just got off this ship yesterday in miami. but we went the other route to belize, instead of the jamaica stop. many on the ship do b2b to get jamaica too.
  7. Mine does show. I just checked again. And I just booked a month ago. Had no idea they cancelled the vouchers. It shows up under section 2: what’s included. Under dining and drinks
  8. When you booked the cruise, did you choose the Fantastica package? Or the bella package? I always make sure I choose the Fantastica because those vouchers are godsent hahaha.
  9. I will be on the Armonia in about 10 days to Cuba, Belize and Mexico. I would like to bring back as much as I can of Havana Club Rum back to the US. What does the government allow? The info online is not clear to me. I can also buy this in Mexico and Belize, does not have to be all out of Cuba, (not sure how much they allow you to bring back on the ship? I know from MSC experience, I brought back a few bottles of Havana Club Rum from different ports on my last cruise in Europe last summer, and MSC never said anything. And customs from France to the US also allowed me to enter with my bottles, it was 2 of us, we have 5 bottles total. Please advise if you know anything? Thank you all in advance. I have learned so much from this forum.
  10. thank you, this was great, and I just remembered the machines when I went on the Opera last summer. But I was also worried about all the service charges they add to your account every day, Might as well pre-pay this as OBC ahead of time, and use it for the service charge at the end of the cruise.
  11. I'm on the 7 night Armonia (cuba, mexico, belize) next month, for 2 gb at $52. And the unlimited is $134 for the entire cruise. There is also a 4 gb, which I forgot how much that was for. Also, very interestingly, for the past 3 weeks, I only saw the $134 unlimited option, and as of the last 3 days, it shows additional options added, the 2 gb and 4. I'm SO happy I didn't get the unlimited package. I googled how much of internet does the average person use in a month, and it says about 2 gb... not sure how accurate this is but this is widely told on the internet.
  12. Now all of a sudden they added 3 different types of internet packages.
  13. I know Sprint has free Mexico, and my cruise in March, the Armonia goes to Belize, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Cuba. Does it make sense to get the internet package for the cruise? I can't decide. Or is Cozumel and Costa Maya ok with coverage if you have Sprint or TMobile? I think the Armonia has the internet package for $139 for the 7 nights. I'm not sure if it's worth it. And that's the only internet package that is offered. I just want to call or text home etc. Nothing major, no streaming, no working, maybe some emails. Please advise if you have anything to share about this. Thank you!
  14. We are booking with them too! We will be doing the 4 hour tour (includes an added hour to visit Heminways spot. I can't wait.
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