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  1. When is Celebrity supposed to be making an announcement? I have been waiting to cancel my travel insurance, change airfare, call excursion vendors, etc and have been waiting until it is official. Hoping it is done today.
  2. Received taxes and fees for cruise canceled on March 25th yesterday, May 25. Better late than never. We had requested and FCC - so that was all they owed us.
  3. The TA is supposed to be talking to the TA, that is why they get paid commission from Celebrity. It isn't an attitude - your TA should have handled all of this. They cannot touch a sailing that is being handled by a TA unless the TA contacts them.
  4. I have this cabin booked for 2022. We generally stay on the 12th deck and although there is some noise on occasion - it's the location we prefer.
  5. I would pick the first one so you can see Skagway if this is your first Alaskan Cruise. However, you cannot go wrong with a Vancouver to Vancouver - love that city! Seward is an experience as well!
  6. We were denied moving from an 8 day Alaskan sailing to a 9 day. We said, the only other option is going down a day and we'd rather go up a day, we told them we would pay for the extra night. The rep was happy with that....and however much time later, came back on the line with the new amount for the extra night. We were very pleased. Tell them you will pay for that extra night - we were more than happy to do that.
  7. Your TA should be tracking this, that is why they get commission from Celebrity and why Celebrity says they can't talk to you.
  8. Lol. That's ok. Totally to be expected. No worries at all.
  9. Well, if they finished with March refunds, I guess they forgot ours.
  10. Still waiting on our refund from March 23. Now, Celebrity has messed up our potential Alaska cruise sailing for August. We applied part of our FCC and we were supposed to get a refund of just over $100 on it because we had too much in cash down after the FCC was used. Well, now Celebrity shows that we owe another $50.00. Oh boy....
  11. I'm so sorry. Don't give up. In fact, can you call Celebrity and ask if you can move the reservation and have the new one pulled from the current agent? There is no reason you need to deal with an agent who isn't actually working with you.
  12. Thanks guys! Did it! Yes - it makes a difference. Thanks again.
  13. I did not receive the email either. How did you do a dummy booking with the discount? Is it something you had to type in? Thanks.
  14. Super happy as well. It took a little doing, but Celebrity changed our FANTASTICALLY priced 8 day Alaskan cruise this May which had already been canceled, to a 9 day next May. We paid for the extra night and are SUPER HAPPY with the deal we got.
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