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  1. But do you think that's what they are actually doing or maybe that's just what they want you to believe. Maybe they are using it to pay for kids sailing free now if we are going to make conjectures.
  2. Lol. I've sailed in one too. I enjoyed my experience but did miss a true balcony. I was trying to joke after all the IV negativity.
  3. Is anyone even sailing in the IVs?
  4. We are gone as well. We never minded paying more for Celebrity as they were a bit of a step above as far as a mass market line is concerned. But their 'in general' fare increases and now raising rates on packages, etc has pushed us away. They just aren't worth it. We have 2 cruises left with them - one of them we already paid the final payment and cancelling isn't a valid option. The other is a full transit Panama and I would rather cancel but DH would rather keep it. We generally have 4 to 5 cruises scheduled with Celebrity, it's too bad because Celebrity always provided what we felt was a decent value for our money - but not anymore. Others will be perfectly happy with the changes and increases and that's ok too.
  5. Celebrity has lost me at this point. We will finish out at least one of our two cruises we have booked - the second is a full Panama Canal transit and DH really wants to keep it but honestly, once I'm done - I'm done. We may or may not continue with that sailing but unless something gives with Celebrity - we won't go back. Like the above poster said - we will either step up or step down because Celebrity is no longer worth the cost in my book.
  6. I believe my point is that what the cruise line is charging - no one could drink that much booze a day - so they are making a profit even at the old rates. Now they are making even more of a profit. Booze hasnt been increasing in cost.
  7. I am not happy and maybe I am in the minority. In the last 8 years Celebrity fares have increased dramatically as well as the beverage package upgrades, etc. I hate feeling nickel and dimed. We get the beverage package and definitely don't drink near the cost they charge and I'll bet the majority of people don't drink that much either. I'm ok with paying but I'm not ok with increased fares and increased cost of the package since they just increased it in 2018. For many, they are ok with it - for myself, I am not. I will just pick a different type of vacation - whether it be all inclusive, or just back to basics vacationing in the states- I'm ok with switching it up. I work in tourism and I see things change and evolve, etc but Celebrity (to me) is just trying to pay off their new ships a little too quickly i guess.
  8. Heck yeah I hope they do. The rates for a Celebrity cruise have not gone down in recent years- they've gone up(as does everything). And yet they seem to be leaning towards the attitude of the other lines and making cutbacks. At the price point - it is becoming more and more expensive to cruise. I used to go to all inclusives....but I love cruising. However, I can get more value with an all inclusive at this point....even with paying for airfare. I'm just so disappointed in 'little things' going away that we now will wind up having to fight for. At a certain point for me it just isn't worth cruising. Wwe just got elite status and have a 10 day in January and a full transit Panama for next October 2020 and for the first time...we aren't booking anything new with Celebrity.
  9. Makes me happy for my next 2 cruises but we are looking at another line for cruising down the road. I love Celebrity but I'm concerned with their current pricing which has been increasing and then cutbacks at the same time.
  10. IKEA furniture is a lot better than the old looking school desk chairs and at least functional. Those chairs look absolutely awful. Do they not want people on their balcony?
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