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  1. Yes, the bluebird is definitely softened. I don't take lots of pics in the evening since I'm only home 2 nights a week. I think it was a slight misfocus and could be camera shake at the same time with the bluebird, I noticed that too. I changed my settings and hopefully will get to take some shots next week. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I suppose maybe the color isn't too bad....could just be the bland background. I did take this through a window which I forgot all about so that probably affected it too. It is not the best because I just grabbed my camera with the settings I had on it to get the pic. The light wasn't good either at the time.
  3. I can totally do that. I am at work right now and probably won't be able to do it until possibly tomorrow. I went ahead and ordered the filter just to have it and to practice with it. I have a lot to learn so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. So do you think I can achieve much the same effect without the polarizing filter? I have been playing with shooting in jpg and RAW though RAW takes up so much space and to be honest, I'm not at the RAW level at this point. I also have been shooting Extra Fine for just convenience as well. My husband says to get it because I'll have it for glaciers and such, etc. But, I'm still on the fence. I have the X4 UV filter from Breakthrough and would get the polarizer from them as well if I do get it.
  5. So, I've been using my camera like mad when I have time. After always shooting in auto my whole life I now adjust my aperture and shutter speed depending on what I'm shooting. I don't know specifically the ins and outs of aperture, etc but I adjust it based on the outside light. I took a few good photos of a bluebird the other day...and thought they should have been brilliant but the color of them didn't quite 'pop' if you know what I mean. I was thinking of getting a circular polarizing filter to use at times. Thoughts? Again, I have been putting myself through my own bootcamp of sorts and taking a ton of photos and then looking at what I like about each one and don't like and what I need to do to improve.
  6. I haven't heard they evacuated construction workers. I've read a lot of articles and several that are conflicting with one even saying that no construction was actually taking place at the time. I think it is too soon and every media outlet wants to be the first with information. Just like with any fire - wait and see unless there was an actual eyewitness.
  7. I was unaware of the Mass schedule...looks like Vespers may have been going on with the Mass scheduled to take place at 6:15pm according to the Notre Dame website schedule. You are correct that it may have been from the construction....was construction going on at that moment or had it ceased for the evening? I'm not sure what the average arsonist would do. Of course, with the renovation work going on - that would 'appear' to be the most likely cause - but, I don't think anyone actually knows at this point in time. I think it is just way too early and that there will continue to be lots of speculating going on. No matter the cause - still very sad.
  8. That is true about the desecration and vandalism of Catholic Churches there....I think it is too early to speculate the cause and hope that it was not arson. It very well could have been something to do with the construction although, it's also very suspicious that the fire started minutes after it closed for the evening. But again - we have no idea. It is all very sad and heartbreaking.
  9. What insurance are you using? I buy for each trip generally through Travel Insured International but an annual plan might be more beneficial down the road.
  10. I've decided to take the Ocean Raft Tour in Sitka so I'll report back when it is finished!
  11. Island Wings all the way!
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