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  1. Our family of nine (four cabins) would like to cancel our Caribbean cruise leaving on Feb. 2nd and switch to the March 1st saling. The rates for cabins are higher on March 1st, plus we would lose several perks of the current promotion such as free tips and OBC. I was thinking that perhaps we should cancel this sailing, then watch how quickly the cabins are selling for that March 1st saling, and hope for a good promotion where we don't lose all those things. I've read how right before the final payment date there are several cancelations, so that would be early December for this new saling. I understand that we may not get the same cabin. Are there other things that we could/should be thinking about? We are using a travel agent and hopefully she will be helpful in all of this. THANKS A LOT!!!
  2. Just wanting opinions on which cabin might be better on the regal for a young couple and their 19 month old baby considering the cost, etc. I've read some reviews where they state the cheaper deluxe balcony was as good as the mini suite. Your opinions, please. We'll be traveling the Eastern Caribbean March of next year. Thanks a lot!!!
  3. Is it the Royal going out of Fort Lauderdale on Feb. 2nd that changed ports? If so, which port did they change? Thanks.
  4. We are cruising out of Fort Lauderdale on Feb. 2nd on the Regal which is the same day as the Superbowl in Miami!! Needless to say, flights are sky high in price, and so are the few hotels that you can find. We are looking at possibly flying into Fort Myers (a day early) and renting a car(s) over to Fort Lauderdale. There will be 8-10 of us. We're hoping that some rental car companies would allow us to leave the car at FLL, then of course we'll need to rent two again to get back to Fort Myers. We are open to ideas re: other airports to fly into and rental car ideas. We have considered changing the date of our cruise, but right now those prices are about $300+ more than we have it for. Thanks for any help!!!
  5. We left the Royal last Saturday morning, April 27th, and wouldn't you know it, our steward told us they were getting the new mattresses that day! We missed it by a week. We had cruised on the Emerald last July and they did have the new mattresses. They were wonderful! I did wake up with a back ache on this trip each day. The new mattresses would have been great, but that's the way it goes!!
  6. I understand that a Back to back cruise is where you sail back to your starting point on the same ship and that it makes your trip twice as long. Besides only having to pay for the flight once, but having twice as long a cruise, are there any other advantages, cost discounts or perks? Thanks!
  7. I also thank you for this amazing blog! We will sail on the Royal, Lord willing, this coming Saturday, so it's very timely and was very informative. You were very generous of your time to do this for mostly strangers. Thanks again!!!
  8. Where do we exchange our dollars for pesos??? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all of your great opinions! Suekel, being from the Des Moines area, maybe you could suggest who we could use to park our car next month when we are taking that Mexican Riviera cruise and flying out of Des Moines. We know there are lots that cost less to park at for a week than at the airport. Can you offer any help there? Thanks so much, again!!!
  10. We are hoping to take 11 of our family members including us on a family cruise in February of 2020. We are from Iowa, so will want a warm weather location and thinking 7 days. We will have four of us that are late 60s and early 70s, four who are mid 30s to mid 40s, two who are early 20s and a 1 1/2 year old baby. We are not familiar with the Caribbean, so wanted opinions of which location might be best. Princess has cruises to both areas in Feb. of 2020. Four of us are cruising on the Royal to the Mexican riviera next month, so that's why we're thinking the Caribbean for next February. Thanks for any ideas!
  11. We will be on the Royal Princess on Easter Sunday, which will be a great way to spend Easter! But we wonder if there could or would possibly be an informal service held that morning? I'm guessing that it would depend on if several passengers wanted it and if there was a passenger that would be willing to lead it...??? Has anyone been on a ship on a religious holiday where a worship service was held?
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