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  1. Ok. Norwegian broadcaster say woman in her forties
  2. Woman in her forties. Water 12 degrees celsius, so she would at least be very cold. Fingers crossed for a good outcome!
  3. According to nrk.no a person has fallen off msc Meraviglia and a rescue operation is ongoing. This happened in norwegian between Norway and Denmark while the ship was on its way to Kiel
  4. This is a price list from Meraviglia one month ago
  5. I keep reading about horrendous waiting times on phone calls to msc. My experience in Norway/Sweden is the opposite. 2 calls and no more than 1-2 minutes wait. Also got confirmation on my cancellation within the hour(rebooked) all in all my experience is that MSC is exellent as I have got the help I needed right away when I have called
  6. I’m sure I could have made an issue about it, and probably would have had a strong case, but I prefer to prepay it along with other things like drink package, wifi, CdS etc. So I just said all good. Just wanted to inform what was said to me, and what will probably be the policy in near future(at least in most countries)
  7. I’m happy with the prepay as I would pay it anyway. And I was told they had received mail from MSC telling it had to be included in the price. Will gladly pay it and think it’s the absolute best solution for all parts
  8. Rebooked my oct 4 MSC Bellissima med sailing in an inside interior cabin today. Now only app 850€😁 saved about 200€ in a couple of hours
  9. Today I cancelled my original booking with MSC, a Bellissima med oct this year, and rebooked with a local TA in Norway. I saved more than 200€ on my inside studio included lost deposit(50€) this is a fairly large TA with a tight cooperation with MSC, and I was told my service charge have to be pre-paid as new conditions say from march 1th(?) for me this is just fine, but it is different from what the Norwegian MSC-site say.
  10. Still no changes on the norwegian site
  11. I’ve been on Meraviglia today on a 4 hour visit while she was in Stavanger. Went past the «sports bar» that is not a sports bar in the traditional way. It looks more like a cafe and there are no TV screens and didnt look like they serve any food. This is my only minus before going on Bellissima wich have the same «sports bar» other than that she looks beautiful😍
  12. Will try calling again and see if there is a way to do it to make sure I get the new booking secured befor canceling. If not I’ll just keep my original booking.
  13. My booking is directly with msc, and I have called cs and was told since this is another promotion than my original booking the only way to do it is to cancel and rebook. I would lose 50€ deposit, but it would still be worth it. But maybe I should try calling again. As I understand the outcome of different requests may be different from one agent to the next when it comes to MSC...
  14. I have a booking for Bellissima in oct, and I can now get an inside fantastica cabin for just a little more than inside studio Bella that I got booked. My question is if I can do a new booking before I cancel the existing booking? I’m afraid to get burned if I cancel before booking the new one, and might not get the deal I’m seeing now.
  15. I can’t imagine the horrors of being stuck on a cruise full of holistic vegans😂 my deepest sympathy to those who had to experience that!
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