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  1. Hawaiian shirts would be applicable for the tropical theme nights
  2. Your first paragraph is not ABTA's advice. The point is P and O's 110 % or 125 % FCC ( seems to change all the time ) is not neccesarily the same entity as the potential ABTA refund protected credit note. Please dont spread fake news. If you havent seen any please read other threads. Of course there is a reciept for a payment, that is not relevant. The fact is they are not currently being refunded. Establishing the T and C's of the FCC is not conjecture.
  3. P and O have stated in their own media releases they are now acting on ABTA's advice and guidance There are many reports of P and O and Travel Agents being obstructive and misleading about offering a full cash refund to customers P and O changed their policy about refunds for people unable to travel due to govt advice at the time. P and O are currently ( for over two weeks ) unable to refund prebooked excursions and restaurant bookings on non cancelled cruises. FCC's are already happening! A lot of the posts are about what protections, if any ,a
  4. How does that relate to whether protected refund credit notes are the same as P and O 's Future Cruise Credits?
  5. I do not believe that is clear at all that " Protected Refund Credit Notes" have the same and equivalent terms and protections as P and O's "FCC" for example - P and O are offering 110 % / 125 % on their FCC's, they also started offering FCC's before ABTA made this annoucement.
  6. I don't believe the article says that at all specifically about P and O's FCC - Please provide your source? Very important that you don't spread fake news - please consider carefully and post responsibly at all times.
  7. I am not sure whether P and O's "FCC's" and the refund credit notes ABTA refer to have the same terms and protections? I believe they are different offers and entities.
  8. I am not an expert but I believe we could certainly try. Also and this is where it gets very very complicated - there has been a lot of discussion around whether a chargeback / S75 is still available to use after the customer has made a "new booking" with an FCC or Credit Note.
  9. Your comparison with the NHS and social distancing I think is very inapropriate. - It is not clear that P and O FCC's are even failure proofed credit notes. I believe a lot of reports are that they have to be used on cruises and no cash back ever. - A lot of ABTA members are deliberately misleading their customers by stating they have to accept refund credit notes - Why would anyone trust ABTA again? The long term reputational damage if they continue with this will be worse than some holiday firms going under in the short term - Even if there
  10. I meant ABTA are currently failing to ensure its currently solvent members are processing refunds. ABTA seem happy for their members to quote ABTA guidance as the justification to not refund.
  11. Where these payments for services already supplied or refunding payments where you have not supplied any service to the customer and they had already paid you in full?
  12. The point is that that ABTA are right now failing to bail out failure despite their guarentees. The future will sort itself out maybe with a pandemic exclusion on cash refunds who knows.
  13. ABTA are not allowed to break contract Law because they "need" Money
  14. ABTA are calling for a massive bail out for their members from the government , cash injections etc seemingly on top of what has already been announced. At the same time ABTA are calling for retrospectively changing the law and calling for changing their own previous guarentees so their members can bank and hold on to millions / billions of customers money for up to two years whilst providing nothing in return before refunding it. ABTA want to pretend at the same time they are also some kind of "Consumer" organisation offering advice , guidance and fair and impartial dispute resolutio
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