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  1. Really happy for you. We were able to get our seats last year a little while after the final balance had been paid and Azamara let us know when the e tickets had been issued. BA were a little slow in changing their comment on their site that the e-tickets had been issued but, with Azamara's help, we were able to give them the ticket numbers and their instructions were updated. Have a great cruise.

  2. Thanks for such a quick response - I've only got two months to worry about it!!!! Have a great New Year and hope the winds will have died down by then. We have had a beautiful Christmas day here but are expecting the bad weather to return on Friday. Can't wait to moan about being too hot in Mumbai! Kind regards - Pam

  3. We will be going to India on the Journey in April. I do not intend to apply for the visa until February but am just trying to get my facts right. As we do not live too far from Hayes, we plan to visit the centre in person but, in the meantime, have downloaded the sample form. One of the questions is Details of Two References - one In India and the other in the UK. The one in the UK is, of course, simple (!). I note that you put down 'self sponsored' for the one in India. I wonder if the proper form - not the sample one - states reference/sponsor, as the sample one only mentions 'reference'. The simplest thing would, of course, be to contact the Embassy or Hayes centre, but at the moment it is impossible to get through. There seem to be so many different answers to the question and any help you can give will be much appreciated.


  4. We do not have Choice Air in the UK. However you will be able to reserve seats - at a cost - roughly one month prior to your departure so long as the final balance of your holiday has been paid. When you go to the BA site and put in your reservation number, you will see if the E-ticket has been issued and therefore able to book the seats. Azamara will be able to confirm whether the E-ticket has been issued - as I say, roughly one month before departure. They were very helpful to us last year and gave us the ticket number - BA were a little slow in responding...... If you do not wish to pay for seats, you may book them free of charge 24 hours (exactly!) before departure. BA will have chosen seats for you but at that time you can change them if there is room. Hope this helps from the UK point of view.

  5. Thank you so much for sending this review so quickly after your return. I expect the weather is a little cooler now than you have been used to the last few weeks! We will be on the Singapore to Mumbai trip in April and will be doing so many of the same tours as you have taken. We really look forward to the houseboat in Cochin after your description. I expect there may be some timing differences on some of our tours as they are changing from a.m. to p.m. but that, in itself, will be interesting. However, it seems that we may be doing the right thing in taking the ship's excursions rather than private ones this time. Once again thank you for your wonderful photos and descriptions - Pam

  6. We really do not seem to be getting anywhere on the subject of excursions on this cruise for the day in Phuket. The published excursions for Phang Nga Bay and Sea Cave Adventure show the length of time as 8 hours. The ship does not arrive in Phuket until 1300 hours. The narrative mentions a late lunch after the sea part of the excursion and various other factors do not add up. It would be impossible to see any of the countryside in the dark. I seems to me that the narrative was taken from a 2013 tour in Phuket where the ship arrived about or prior to 9am. I spoke to the UK office who also reckoned that this was the case but were unable to help. The very nice gentleman tried to put me through to the excursion team - and the phone then went dead! Bill, I should be very grateful if you could ask the Miami team about this. Many thanks - Pam

  7. Thanks Tac. That makes sense about the change of the sunset cruise if it was in Cochin when the Azamazing night takes place. We have also booked Mumbai on the Move but may well change it to Shades of Mumbai - at least Keith wants to but I am not too sure. We shall see. However, the excursions do seem a little "in a pigs ear....", and I still have doubts about the Phuket tours. Bill, if you're out there somewhere, please could you clarify. Tac, like you, I'm sure it will all right on the night (!). Azamara gives a wonderful experience on the cruise itself - and what an itinerary! - Pam

  8. Hi Tac. Which excursions did you have cancelled? I am wondering if they were the ones in Phuket which really don't add up with the time the ship docks. Did they give any reason for the cancellation - tours full for example, or lack of time in port? - Pam

  9. We are also on the Spice Routes cruise in April. As far as I am aware, UK citizens do not need visas for Thailand, Indonesia or Sri Lanka - I believe they are done at port of call at no cost. A visa is required for India and, unfortunately, you are correct in that the cost is very expensive (about £200, not sure of the exact figure). I believe it used to be a lot cheaper but was raised considerably this year. I gleaned quite a lot of information from the roll call for Spices, Tea & Rubber Trees of 9 November this year, and it may be worth your while having a quick look through that.

  10. Bill - It seems we have two months or so left to reserve our land tours at the 25% discount. However, I am not too sure that two of the tours on our cruise - 3rd April 2014 Singapore to Mumbai - have the correct description and wonder if the wording has just been taken from previous land tours where the ship arrived at, say, 9.am in the morning. The tours in question are those in Phuket - the Sea Cave Canoe Adventure and Phang Nga Bay, 8.5 hours and 8 hours respectively. The tours start at 1.15 p.m and 1.30 p.m. and include lunch late in the tour descriptions. We would love to book one or other now, but do not wish to tie our money up only to find the tours are cancelled. Could you please confirm that the wording is correct. Many thanks, and sorry to give you yet another problem. - Pam

  11. Being a Brit, I am sorry to read that there may be a number of unhappy Brits on Azamara now - all because of a drinks package which was not entirely clear. All inclusive is a term used by many hotels and holiday villages throughout the world but certainly does not mean that 'everything' is included. It is up to the customer to do his research before booking and ascertain what is included and what is not. Personally, I am surprised at the 'level of unhappiness' amongst the Brits. It really seems to me that it is the same few, rather than the many, who are complaining on Cruise Critic. What made our holiday so special for us last year - first time on Azamara - was the onboard experience. I truly hope that this is not spoilt by the few to the detriment of the many!

  12. Hi Pats75 - I think we are on the same cruise as you! We have booked a day pass at the Resort as I looked at the weather forecast and it seems OK at that time of year. I have completed the form but would not, like you, send my cc details to an insecure site. It's funny coz they have a secure site for ordinary bookings of the hotel! They were quite happy to leave details outstanding and acknowledged the booking. I said I would phone them the first week in September. I will still not be happy to give my card details on the phone as, again, anyone can use them. However, on the form they do say bank transfers are accepted so this may be a way forward. I fully understand that they want some form of authorization in case of non show on the scheduled day -but it works both ways. Are we 100% sure that a driver will be there if the money is paid direct???? Look forward to meeting you at the Meet & Greet - Pam and Keith.

  13. CruisinManiac - thanks for coming back with your very positive thoughts on Saint Johns. Did you phone them prior to leaving to let them know when to pick you up from the port and did you give them your credit card details when booking? Glad you had a great cruise - Pam

  14. Scorpiorose - The form to send back is probably the same one that I have but it does also have "an authorisation to charge your credit card in case of non show on the scheduled day", which means that all the details would be on an email. I explained that I was not happy about that and they replied to send back the form (up to 3 days before the intended visit). I am emailing the form back (without the authorisation) and will phone them prior to the beginning of the cruise to confirm and if necessary give cc details per phone, but I'd hate to be standing waiting for their transport and it did not arrive! As we are not going until September, any comments from those who have already spent the day there - or are spending the day there - would be very much appreciated.


  15. Yes, the credit card is a problem although I can understand that they have to send a car to collect us from the port and if we dont turn up because of the weather, they have lost money and manpower. I thought I would try and check the weather forecast prior to making a definite decision - then I'll phone with details if it seems OK. Also I suppose if one books the ship's tour to a beach (which doesn't appear as nice as the resort), one would still have to go even if it rained.

  16. The email is reservations@saintjohn.gr

    We, too, have booked (or at least nearly finalized a booking) a day pass for September at the resort. They have answered our queries by return with a form to complete which can be emailed or faxed back to them - they are very helpful indeed. They require credit card details so that in the case of a 'no show' they can charge to the card which is understandable as they arrange the transfers. I was not happy to put these details on an insecure site such as an email and they are content for the form to be returned up to 3 days before arrival and I will probably phone to give the credit card details or pay by bank transfer. As a matter of interest, how have others done this?

    We are in Mykonos from 1pm to 11 pm and it looks as if it is a tender port, so we have arranged for a visit from 2pm until 5.30pm.

    Please let me know your thoughts on your return. Thanks - Pam

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