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  1. 15 Foster's is too much bloat and while I enjoy a Long Island, when I'm relaxing on a ship or beach, I like a foofy drink. There's just not enough punch to the frozen and blended drinks Carnival dishes out, so I bring some rum for a floater. I realize I could wait five minutes and order a shot of rum for the floater, but honestly my tolerance is quite high and I have no problem hitting the 15 drink limit throughout the day so this works for me.
  2. Wish I could say the same. I buy Cheers and I still sneak on rum. I may have a problem.
  3. We went horseback riding through Maria's Happy Horses in Mazatlan and I cannot recommend it enough. They pick you up right outside the cruise terminal, take you to Stone Island for the horseback riding, and then you can stay on Stone Island for as long as you want before they take you back. Really enjoyable way to spend the day and although I went a few months ago, I never felt the least bit unsafe.
  4. For meat, they have pulled pork, chicken, and brisket. You can view their menu here https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/explore/dining/menus/ol-fashioned-bbq-menu.pdf When I was on the Splendor in July, all the meats were enjoyable but my preference was to make a pulled pork sandwich (they have bread at the bbq place as well). The mac n cheese wasn't very good, but the baked beans were ok.
  5. A person stated their side of the story. Carnival isn't on here telling theirs. The rest of us have no idea what happened. Maybe an ounce of wine was stolen. Maybe it spilled. Maybe it was marked wrong. You unequivocally declaring there a theft doesn't make it so. Go read responses from restaurant owners on Tripadvisor or Yelp sometime to disgruntled customers. There's always more to the story. Should Carnival have just comped a bottle of wine immediately? Maybe, but the notion that a full investigation should take place over an ounce of wine is absurd.
  6. I'll answer it again though I might be accused of spreading confusion again. This was true for my cruise on the Splendor last summer. Cabo was one hour ahead of ship time. Mazatlan was the same time as ship time. PV was one hour ahead of ship time. And much like you, I found that excursion operators I used did not know what time the ship would be using. They could only tell me that their excursions left at 11 (or whatever) local time.
  7. Cruising TA asked a question, I answered with my semi-recent experience. You might find it confusing but I would have loved for that information when I asked the same question before going on the Splendor last year. Oh and by the way, ship staff got the ship time vs port time wrong while on the ship the night before ports, along with tour operators that I booked with. I left myself an hour buffer just to be sure but if I was only to rely on Carnival and tour operators, I would have been screwed.
  8. I was on the Splendor in July. Cabo was one hour ahead of ship time. Going to Mazatlan, ship time jumped forward one hour overnight so that Mazatlan time and ship time were the same. PV was one hour ahead of ship time.
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