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  1. The ships (QV and QE) are very similar so hopefully you will have the same or very similar room. Does it show in the Voyage Personaliser, or maybe you could call the contact centre?
  2. Thank you! Sounds awesome. I have the room next door booked (!), so very glad it is a good location. I travelled at the front of deck 12 on my transatlantic trip and really enjoyed that location too.
  3. Thanks! But I don’t think it covers the Q6 rooms. I think it is aimed at the Britannia rooms on deck 8 below.
  4. Not sure they would be “dumped” - certainly not by me - more placed carefully. I’ve done it several times all without problem. However, I can of course see why others would prefer to hand them in.
  5. Library is very nice. I like looking at the huge Atlas. Procedure is just handing over your key card. I think there may be a limit on the number of books; you can take at least two at a time. I thought there was also a slot to return books out of hours? Or maybe that is just QM2? Double check when you are onboard.
  6. Thank you! Nice picture by the way - looked like very clear weather!
  7. Thank you! Good point. Can anyone remember the website that showed the view from each QM2 balcony/window? I think the view may be partially obstructed from 9.007 and 9.008? I’ve looked at the deck plans but they are indicative only and not always entirely accurate.
  8. As a related question, is it worth paying £50 per person extra for a Q5?
  9. Hello everyone I’ve booked a Q6 grade room on QM2. It is my first time in QG (infact the Grills generally) so wanted to get some opinions on rooms and their location. Two questions: 1. Any preference between deck 9 and deck 10? Noted that the Commodore is on deck 9, but I’d be at least 3-4 rooms away. 2. Any preferred Q6 rooms if they are available? Happy to be redirected to another thread if these questions have been answered elsewhere. Thank you
  10. The website seems to be working again now. I suspect there was a bit flurry of activity in the first couple of hours and things will start to return too normal now.
  11. Great! I managed to get through on the phone after an hour or so. Managed to book a Q6 for a short trip next year at a price I’m happy with. Let’s hope it happens - my last two booked trips have been sadly cancelled! Also my first time in the Grills so very much looking forward to it.
  12. Hello Hattie, all I was hoping to do so, but phone lines aren’t accepting calls (automatically getting cut off) and website doesn’t seems to be functioning taking me through to a maintenance page when I try to book…..I assume demand must be (very) high……! I will try again this afternoon!
  13. Yes. I have. September Med trip on QE. Looking increasingly unlikely that we will be able to go, but on the positive side: 1. Most vulnerable people in the UK and EU should have been vaccinated by then. 2. It is only a week and all within Europe. 3. Cases will naturally fall over the summer. 4. I’m willing to have a COVID test before I travel. 5. I suspect Spain would like to have some tourists over the summer, even if only from July/August onwards. So let’s see. I will start planning a 2022 back-up plan just in case! Even if it does go, no doubt there will be some material changes onboard. Will be it the same? Possibly not.
  14. Hello, Thanks for your reply. That’s consistent with my thinking. I think the WiFi is useful on the Transatlantic voyage, but doesn’t add much on the European trips. I get the sense that Cunard has such a loyal passenger base, they don’t necessarily need to offer a huge amount extra for status passengers! Other lines seem to offer more. I should also say that I would only ever book a voyage I was interested in anyway.
  15. Hello all, I hope everyone is safe and well. Quick question: is it worth making any special effort to get platinum status? I’m gold currently. I’m aware of the published benefits on the Cunard website, but is there anything unpublished? For example, increasing your probability of upgrades or better service? What has been your experience? I’m planning a short trip next summer and was thinking about a 3-4 day cruise, as part of a one week longer trip. If I booked with Cunard, I’d then have the platinum benefits on a longer Med trip I’ve booked on QE. Part of the reason I ask is that so many Cunard customers already seem to have platinum (if not diamond) status already. Thanks very much in advance for your thoughts. AF
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