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  1. Hello, Thanks for your reply. That’s consistent with my thinking. I think the WiFi is useful on the Transatlantic voyage, but doesn’t add much on the European trips. I get the sense that Cunard has such a loyal passenger base, they don’t necessarily need to offer a huge amount extra for status passengers! Other lines seem to offer more. I should also say that I would only ever book a voyage I was interested in anyway.
  2. Hello all, I hope everyone is safe and well. Quick question: is it worth making any special effort to get platinum status? I’m gold currently. I’m aware of the published benefits on the Cunard website, but is there anything unpublished? For example, increasing your probability of upgrades or better service? What has been your experience? I’m planning a short trip next summer and was thinking about a 3-4 day cruise, as part of a one week longer trip. If I booked with Cunard, I’d then have the platinum benefits on a longer Med trip I’ve booked on QE. Part of the reason I ask is that so many Cunard customers already seem to have platinum (if not diamond) status already. Thanks very much in advance for your thoughts. AF
  3. You could perhaps ask Cunard on Twitter to confirm the latest refurb date? They are quite responsive in my experience.
  4. I’ve met her too. Very nice, but also very professional.
  5. For me, no. It’s expensive and the rules are such that I’d personally feel the need to drink a lot everyday ‘to beat the house’ and get some semblance of value for money. As an aside and if it helps, I’ve always found Cunard to be flexible with bringing a couple of bottles onboard.
  6. Thank you. Understood. That’s fine with me as I’m hoping the sun will be shining! 😎
  7. I’ve booked one of the seven night Med QE voyages in September 2021 departing Barcelona. Given the decent pricing, I’ve gone for Britannia Club this time.
  8. I’ve just booked 8032 for one of the seven night QE Med voyages next year. If the cruise goes ahead (!) I will report back. Just FYI - I was told that room is 307sq ft so it is materially larger than many other A2 (Britannia Club) rooms.
  9. My Xmas cruise has obviously been cancelled too. I’m not surprised, but still disappointed. That being said, trying to be positive, I understand there may be whole new round of Med cruises released in the near future. Stay safe all.
  10. I must confess I’ve never travelled solo, but I do often travel with family members where we often do our own thing during the day and meet for drinks and dinner in the evening. I generally find everyone on board friendly and chatty. I’m sure you will do so too. I agree with some of the previous comments that it may be preferable to use the regular Britannia restaurant vs Britannia Club simply because you can be ask for a large (and ideally sociable) table, which is the most obvious way to meet people. You can also ask to move tables - for example, we joined a table of eight for one of the celebratory dinners on my TA voyage last year. If you dine in Britannia, you can also get added to larger tables for breakfast and lunch too. I’m not sure about the shorter trips, but there are solo meetings on Cunard voyages as well as other group meetings such as Cruise Critic meet-ups, LGBT etc. I think others have kindly uploaded copies of the daily programme before, so perhaps take a look through to see if there is anything you might you should look out for once onboard? Do shout if you need more info - this forum is a good resource.
  11. In my transatlantic cruise in Nov 2019, we booked the flight home from JFK-LHR with Cunard. It was around £200 more per person. There was a choice of BA or Virgin. We opted up for the latter and managed to upgrade to Premium on the A350 on the way home using Flying Club miles. We were given cocktails from the Upper Class menu and even allowed to use the onboard lounge for a glass of Prosecco or three. As it was a late departure, Cunard also gave us a day room at the JFK Crowne Plaza too. If you are not interested in the Cunard flight I would suggest: - using any airline miles you have - Norwegian might be an option - have Jet Blue started their transatlantic routes yet - play around on Google flights
  12. Thanks all for the interesting debate. Even with the reforms suggested above I think there would be material differences between Cunard and the other cruise lines. Perhaps even more than there is currently. For example: - the exterior ship design (albeit QV, QE and the new ship are just modified versions of what already sails in the wider Carnival fleet as we all already know) - interior design - approach to customer service - dress code - level of emphasis on enrichment and education (to be clear, I would personally upgrade to something more high brow ) - sophisticated atmosphere (see comments re the pub/Golden Lion) Also, I’m not advocating mass consumption of food or alcohol. I also strongly believe that waste reduction, recycling and mitigating environmental impact should be a priority of ALL cruise lines. If Cunard can lead on that, so much the better. Ultimately, the economics have to prevail. If the viable long term business model is for things to remain exactly as they are, then so be it. But I think we all know that is unlikely to be the case. So the question becomes what do you change and when.
  13. The only thing in my case was that I was wearing a three piece suit initially and left the jacket in my room because I was so warm. I still had the matching waistcoat and a tie on and probably looked much smarter than many others inside. That being said, I knew it was not technically compliant with the rules so it was ok. The funnier incident was the two young German ski instructors that had decided to come on the QM2 to get to the US. They didn’t seem to have a clue about the dress code and did not have suit jackets. They did get dispensation to come into the Britannia without jackets eventually though. 😅
  14. Hello Bluemarble, These photos were taken on the afternoon of Sunday 19 July, so it must have been QV then. That was my thinking anyway, just because the QE sports deck area did not seem to be there. Thanks for your help!
  15. Hello, We are taking about Cunard though, Cunard’s business model and Cunard’s long-term ability to make money. I much prefer the Cunard brand to P&O. I think this is about making sure Cunard has a long-term and sustainable future and not turning it into something else which already exists. I know people have an emotional attachment to Cunard - I do too - but I’d personally like to see it survive long-term. I guess the “book elsewhere” argument works both ways. If someone doesn’t like a reformed Cunard, is it better for them to book elsewhere - perhaps Saga as an example?
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