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  1. AspirationalFlyer

    Queen Elizabeth 2018 Refit

    So sorry, I do always try and provide accurate info on this forum, but perhaps I’m getting confused on this occasion (perhaps with hotels I’ve stayed in). That said there was defo a sauna in December. I sat in it. I specifically remember thinking it was a bit of an odd set up to be honest. If you want specific confirmation, why not contact Cunard on Twitter?
  2. AspirationalFlyer

    Queen Elizabeth 2018 Refit

    Yes. They are. Sauna and steam were both there in mid December.
  3. AspirationalFlyer

    Excursions Le Havre

    Of course. Agreed. But the points are exclusive of one another. If you pay for a tour, you should get a tour. If they say that all they are doing is dropping you off and picking you up then that is fine too provided it is clear at the point of sale.
  4. AspirationalFlyer

    Cunard Event Cruises: 100th anniversary celebration

    Thanks Hattie!
  5. AspirationalFlyer

    Cunard Event Cruises: 100th anniversary celebration

    You just need to Google it: https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/cruise-types/event-cruises/cunard-southampton-centenary-celebration
  6. AspirationalFlyer

    New to Cunard: Help me with shore excursions

    Hello A few thoughts from me too: 1. If there is something you are particularly keen on, do book in advance. I’ve only had one cruise where anything sold out (QV, Med, 2017) but it does happen. Also the tickets are either in your room on boarding or delivered shortly afterwards, so it’s far less hassle. If there are places where you are less fussed, perhaps wait until you are onboard. There have been presentations on previous cruises about the excursion options which have helped me and my family decide what we’d like to do. 2. It depends on the location. In some places (for example in Kefalonia) it just wasn’t needed. In Zeebrugge there is a coach to the local town where you can take the train to Brugge. I visited Blankenberg in December, but I’d happily spend an hour or two on that beach in the summer. It is wide, long and sandy. 3. I’ve always booked with Cunard directly because it’s easier. However, depending on the location, I’m sure there are better value for money options. Cruise ship excursions are expensive for what you get. And the quality of the guides has ranged from excellent to average to fairly awful.
  7. AspirationalFlyer

    How many formal nights?

    And subject to thoughts from others, I wouldn’t worry too much about the specific themes unless you really want to get involved. I found the Victoriania Ball on QV in 2017 ranged from all out costumes to just normal black tie and gala night attire.
  8. AspirationalFlyer

    Cunard Cruise from Dubai in 2020

    Hello everyone Sorry - me again! I’ve booked a segment on the QM2 world cruise in 2020 starting in Dubai and finishing in Hong Kong. The voyage is on QM2. Two quick questions: 1. We were hoping to visit the QE2. Does anyone know how far apart the Dubai Cruise Terminal is from where the QE2 is located? Is it easy to take a taxi? 2. We are arriving on an overnight flight from the UK and we were planning to travel straight from Dubai Airport to the cruise terminal. I suspect we will get there for around 10am. What’s the earliest you think we will be allowed to check-in? We are travelling in Britannia class. Thanks for your help. Best regards, AF
  9. Hello everyone, I’ve finally booked a transatlantic voyage. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. This particular voyage celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Southampton-New York service. My questions are: - has anyone done a Cunard cruise with a specific theme. If so, was it any good? - how themed is themed in practice? I’m just wondering if there will just be a few artefacts somewhere or if it will impact the evening entertainment, dinners and shows? I hope it does! The Cunard website doesn’t have much information and the call centre staff were able to confirm very little. The trip is in November 2019. As ever, your thoughts and insight are appreciated. AF
  10. AspirationalFlyer

    Excursions Le Havre

    The Monet’s House and Gardens trip was amazing (albeit because of the place itself rather than because of anything Cunard organised). Thankfully the weather was lovely too, with a few nice places to sit and enjoy sandwiches/cake/coffee/wine. Although don’t get to excited if there is a guided tour included - after we arrived and was shown the toilets and the main street the ‘guide’ just said you don’t need me and everything is self explanatory.....
  11. AspirationalFlyer

    Safest Ports of the World Voyages

    Hello, I am booked on a segment (Dubai to HK) of the QM2 World Cruise in 2020. I must confess I was surprised there wasn’t a single stop in India. Thankfully there is a stop in Sri Lanka, with som great excursion options. AF
  12. AspirationalFlyer

    Bringing a bottle of Spirts on Board

    K I obviously fully respect the poster’s contribution and view, but do not agree at all or follow their logic. It’s worth thinking about behaviourial economics, which I’m sure Carnival knows more about than almost anyone posting on this forum! A few thoughts: 1. I, like other posters, only drink the alcohol I’ve brought onboard when getting ready in the evening. I highly doubt I’d go to a bar to order a bottle of (overpriced) Cunard wine to bring it back to the room. 2. I still buy drinks in the bars, pub and restaurant. Also, I wouldn’t replace the champagne and nice wine while I’d brought onboard with an equivalent Cunard product; I’d probably drink less and trade down. 3. There might be people who buy no alcohol onboard and rely solely on supplies they’d brought onboard. That seems pretty miserable to me. I’d imagine the number of people in this category are limited in practice. 4. If Cunard got very strict about taking alcohol onboard, I’d start getting strict about taking my money elsewhere!
  13. AspirationalFlyer

    Bringing a bottle of Spirts on Board

    I agree with Stewart. It is, of course, always a risk they could smash but I always ensure they are in tissue paper, bubble wrap and are otherwise wrapped securely. Never had an issue to date. I’d be less comfortable with flying with bottles in my case; as a general rule I wouldn’t run the risk. Also, I don’t think a bottle of smashed wine would ruin my cruise! 😜 Worst case scenario I would have a dry cleaning bill and might need an hour in the laundry! Again, never happened to date. Happy drinking everyone!
  14. AspirationalFlyer

    Wear bathrobe to spa? Gym clothes appropriate?

    Ive work my work out gear directly to and from the gym on several different cruises. It’s pretty obvious where you are going and why you are dressed like that. Anything else is impractical and a bit of a waste of time. I’d only ever use the changing rooms if I’ve decided to use the sauna/steam room on QE or QV. I wouldn’t walk around the ship in a bathrobe, but that’s a matter of personal preference. I’ve seen others do it on their way to and from the spa. I think it would only be an issue if you wondered around the ship or tried to enter a dining venue dressed like that. And don’t worry too much about what other people think - you’re on YOUR holiday and you should enjoy yourself. I hope that helps.
  15. AspirationalFlyer

    Best Cunard offers right now

    Hello all, I’m thinking of booking a Cunard Transatlantic cruise in November. Are there any special offers on right now covering this period? I’m struggling to find anything online on the UK site. Do you tend tend to book through travel agents rather than direct and, if so, why? I am based in the UK. Thanks v much in advance.